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on 27 April 2014

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Transcript of EAGER

By: Helen Fox
Chuckled: To laugh inwardly
Hellish: Of, resembling or befitting
Paralysis: Loss of function.
Beckoned: To wave or nod at someone.
Luminous: Emitting light.
Alpine: Relating to or resembling mountains.
Waft: Pass or cause to pass easily or gently through or as if through the air.
Drizzle: To rain in very small drops.
Glinted: To shine by reflection.
Frenetic: Frenzied, frantic.
Incorruptible: Too honest to be corrupted by taking brides.
Delirious: Suffering from delirium.
Hangar: Buildings where air crafts are kept.
Numb: Having no sensation.
Shudder: Tremble or shake violently.
Rewind: Wind a film or tape back to the beginning.
Reverie: A daydream.
Glamor: An attractive quality.
Aegis: Protection of someone.
Efface: Rub off a mark from a surface.
Bleat: To utter the natural city of a sheep or goat.
Halo: A circle of light around the sun.
Kettle: A metal vessel.
Overpass: To pass across, over, or beyond.
Sine: A function that for an acute angle in a right triangle is the ratio of the side opposite the angle to the hypotenuse.
Sincere: Trustworthy.
Idiom The language to a peculiar group.
Fodder: Coarse dry food.
Massage: Treatment by rubbing, stroking, etc.
Dowdy: Not neatly or becomingly dressed or cared.

The main character of the book is called Eager. It's a robot that's created by Professor Ogden.
It's the main character because the whole story was about him doing stuffs and make things happen. Eager is a totally good guy because the robot is designed to help and protect human and others.
The story takes place in the future Earth, most likely it's located in the U.S.
The problem of the book is that the new version of the robots are dis functioning and doing stuffs they are not suppose to do like hurting peoples and taking hostages.
The climax of the story is when the robot took Marcia`s parents as hostages and when Eager met Marcia in the headquarters. The robots start acting not normal and start to scare peoples.
The reasons that Eager is a science fiction book are: 1. Robots as housekeeper. 2. Live ball, which is a new sport. 3. Flying pods, which is like a new kind of taxi.
The characters are believable because they act just like normal peoples.
I would like to meet Professor Ogden because he created the robots. I want to ask him how did he do that.
I like the butler Grumps because he is loyal to his family and never harmed them. He does whatever the Bells tell him and never argued.
5 important thing
1. The Bells bought a new robot called Eager.
2. Gavin was caught by the marauders in a small sidewalk.
3. The new BDCs robots are not listening to their owners.
4. Marcia's parents were stalked by their BDC robot.
5. Professor Ogden shuttled down all the BDCs so they won't harm.
I think Eager is a great book to read because it has different words that made the book more interesting.
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