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Why I should get an IPhone

No description

Nawal Waseem

on 23 June 2016

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Transcript of Why I should get an IPhone

My grades take a part in getting an IPhone because I have kept them consistant A's and B's through out the schoolyear and the year before that as well as scoring above a 3.8 GPA at all times.
Using it for school
Using my IPhone for school would be very beneficial to keep up my ggod grades. In many of my core calsses it is suggested that we use our devices to do work which my IPhone could help with more than an IPod due to the bad wifi connection throughout the school. Also is required electives such as
DVP and Journalism I would
be able to use the app Imovie on the
IPhone because that is the mainly used app we are expected to use in Mr. Chelli's classes.

At the beginnning of the track season you made a deal with me promising to get me an Iphone if I completed the whole track season. GUESS
WHO DID?? This is just one more reason to get me the promised IPhone that would be very helpful for my life. Also I would be able to download many fitness apps that would help with execising over the summer.
Why I should get an IPhone
By: Your favorite, Nawal
So I could stop being such a
pain in the A$*
As you might know the IPhone 6s has and amazing 4080 camera with great focus and can let you take professional worthy photos. The IPod that i currently own has very bad camera quality and is not at all as good as the 6s. With its camera the 6s will let me capture
important pictures and videos such a homework or notes for school without it being grainy and unreadable.
Car Rides
Ah,the dreaded car rides. Constantly on car rides I am often bored and always asking you to unlock the computer so I could watch movies. A solution to that would be temporarily renting movies on my iPhone which is easier than always passing up the big computer which is not always accessible when you are sleeping.
Thank You for agreeing to this and for your compliance
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