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saint project

No description

sam whitfield

on 27 November 2012

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Transcript of saint project

Saint Clare of Assisi By : Sam Whitfield Saint Clare of Assisi July 16th 1194 and died on August 11th 1253. August 11th. Assisi, Italy. Patron saint of Sore Eyes. September 26 1255. Pope Alexander IV. Saint Clare is the She was canonized on She was canonized by Saint Clare was born on Why did you choose this saint? I chose the saint, Saint Clare of Assisi because, she was always devoted to prayer as a child. Her sister Saint Agnes and her wanted to live a poor and humble life with Jesus. Her sister and her wore no shoes, ate no meat and lived in a poor house. Her story inspires me because she gave up everything to follow Jesus and I find that really inspiring. Saint Clare's Feast day is on She was born in Saint Clare's symbol is a Lily. Why does this Saint inspire you? Saint Clare inspires me because she gave up her life and Family to live for Jesus. She shows that she likes to help others in need. She also puts others in front of herself which inspires me to do the same. What gifts of the Holy Spirit display in her life? Some Gifts of the Holy Spirit Saint Clare displays in her life is Wisdom,Understanding and Fortitude. She shows Wisdom by caring for others and putting others before her. Understanding by joining the poor and helping them with their needs. Fortitude by leaving her family to live for the poor with Jesus. How can this Saint guide you in your life? Saint Clare can guide me in my life by showing me that I can care for others and be able to help people in need. She helped a lot of people in her life time. I hope i can help as many people as she did. Saint Clare Of Assisi Saint Clare of Assisi was always devoted to prayer as a child.When she turned 15 her parents wanted her to marry a young and wealthy man, but Clare did not. When she was 15 she heard Saint Francis preaching, it inspired her to do the same. Those preachings were beginning to change her life. He told her she was the chosen soul of God. She was canonized at the Basilica. Prayer to Saint Clare Of Assisi Quotes by Saint Clare Of Assisi '' Place your mind before the mirror of eternity.'' God of Mercy, You inspired Saint Clare with the love of poverty. By the help
of her prayers, may we follow Christ in poverty of spirit and come
to the joyful vision of your glory in the kingdom of heaven. We ask this
through Our Lord Jesus Christ, Your Son, Who lives and reigns with You
and the Holy Spirit, one God, forever and ever. Amen. Thanks for watching ! :)
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