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A Star is Born

No description

Madiha Anwari

on 13 February 2017

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Transcript of A Star is Born

A Star is Born
Baby Madiha
Madiha was a very playful baby; she loved to hang around her family. Madiha was very shy while she was a toddler. She was very quiet and happy baby said her dad. Her mom said that she was a fashionista and her sisters said she was a very fat baby and laughed a lot. A memory Madiha has is that her sisters would dress her up at home with a big scarf and make it like a dress sometimes it was fun other time it was just annoying.

Madiha didn’t cry a lot, except when it came for school Madiha hated the first month kindergarten but she knew she had no choice after that month Madiha loved school.

Madiha’s Family
Madiha’s family members are Hashim Anwari (her father), Raquiba Anwari (her mother), Qasim Anwari (her uncle) Wasima Sadat (her aunt), Yalda Anwari (her older sister Age: 24), Nabila Anwari (her middle sister Age: 22), Iman Anwari (her cousin Age: 3), and Yaqub Anwari (her cousin Age: 1). One special memory Madiha has as a family is when they all went to Mandarin for fathers day but Yaqub Anwari was not born yet.
The Real Madiha
Madiha’s strength is that she shows leadership, she encourages people to do things outside of the box. Madiha’s biggest weakness is that she gets distracted very easily somehow she finds a way to pull her self away from what she is actually supposed to do.

The area Madiha needs improvement on is language she needs to use different words instead of using the same one; she also needs to improve on her writing skills.

Madiha’s favourite subject is science because she loves to figure out new things and how they work. The Feelings Madiha has toward school are very positive she loves all her friend and teacher. The school is very close by so she walks to school everyday with her neighbour and friend Sumeyya. Madiha especially like how the school upgraded to grade seven and eight because it would be very hard for her to say goodbye to a school she has been in since she was in kindergarten.

A Star is Born

At 12:58 pm July 20, 2001 Madiha Anwari was born in St Joseph hospital Toronto, Canada. She was eight pounds and eight ounces and her height was 54 cm.
Madiha’s Friends
Some of Madiha’s good friends are Dolma, Deepika, Mahiliny, Roma, Ekshitha, Amanda, Maya, Tsering, Eeasha, Sumeyya, Zaskiah, Lhazin, T.C and Deanna. Some of the things they like to do are playing tag, talk and go out to eat.

A memory Madiha has with her friends is when they were in island school and Madiha, Roma and Ekshitha were on a scavenger hunt when a dog started to chase after them Madiha yelled RUN! They all started to run but Ekshitha dropped her glove and the dog bite four holes in it but the owner came right on time and returned Ekshitha glove.

Madiha’s Goals
Some of the goals Madiha would like to achieve are to get better at math and learn all the time tables 1-10 or further.

Madiha’s athletic goal is to try out for every sports team the school has. Madiha plans to achieve her goals by listen more and trying her best at whatever it is.

The End
That all i hope You Enjoyed it
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