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English in a Cloud

No description

Matthew Kreitzer

on 23 June 2011

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Transcript of English in a Cloud

English in a Cloud A Presentation by Matthew Kreitzer

Howard County Instructional Technology Conference

June 23, 2011 Let's Get Grounded! Our Essential Questions:
1) What does writing look like in the real world?
2) How do we introduce this to our students? What You'll Do What You'll Learn What You'll Need How to prepare students for writing in the world beyond essays and reports. Discuss the mediums in which we write today.
Generate ideas for building needed skills through instruction. Examples of common writing and their medium.

Creativity! How do people write in the real world?
What do they write? How do students write in the classroom?
What do they write? How many write by hand!? Blogs News Reviews Networking Collaboration (Information) (Opinion/Journaling) Blogs are
Topic & Interest based. Writings are regular and usually at set intervals
(i.e. weekly, biweekly, monthly)

Focused on a topic or set of experiences
(e.g. food, hobbies, teams, projects)

Generally based on some "research" or factual information combined with opinion and, or personal experience or expertise. How can teachers incorporate this style of writing into instruction? Informational Writing Generally a top-down approach
(i.e. the most important information first)

Fact and research based writing

May include "eye-witness" updates How do teachers add this form of writing to instruction? Research suggests that consumers are much more likely to try products and services recommended by others than by viewing ads. Reviews generally involve a scale rating along with a short description of the users experience. In what ways can rating systems be used with instruction? Working with others on a vast range of projects including:
Community Interests
Research How do we teach students to work collaboratively and appropriately in the real world through virtual mediums? Networking is about connecting with others. Much of "social" networking is no longer just social. It's a part of business, a part of life. It's about pushing our "brand", selling ourselves and creating opportunities. How do we prepare students to network safely and appropriately? Each format has it's own rules and considerations for style, length, tone, and audience. Learning these requirements teaches students a wide variety of writing skills.
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