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The Rookie Bookie

No description

Tanner Hornyak

on 27 May 2015

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Transcript of The Rookie Bookie

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The Rookie Bookie is a book about a boy that moved from San Francisco to Indiana. Mitch is the mane character of the book. Before Mitch moved from San Francisco he had no friends in his school. Once Mitch was in Indiana he went to a new school his goal at this school was to make some friends.
Mitch has one brother and a mom and a dad he lives with. Mitch's brother Kevin is in high school and he plays for the football team even though they are not that good. Mitch's mom and dad are really good at art and after they moved to Indiana they opened a shop and sold art.
Summary of the book
Kevin is Mitch's brother. Kevin is not really like his younger brother Mitch. Kevin goes to High School at Clarksville High School.Kevin is really into football like Mitch just Mitch isn't as good at playing football.
About Kevin
About Mitch's Family
Mitch's new school in Indiana is called Jonasburg Middle school.
Mitch is a kid hat loves money he also likes to watch and play football. Mitch wants to make money at his new middle school but he just needs to think of a way. Then him and hione and only friend Jamie know it's football season. Mitch and Jamie thought they could make a football betting pool and people at there school could be in it. Once they made they betting pool it started getting very popular. There was just one problem that Mitch didn't know about they didn't know that a betting pool was not following the school rules.
About Mitch
Jamie is a girl that only lives with her mom. There is just one thing different about Jamie than all the other girls. That one thing different about Jamie is that she likes what really only boys like she likes football and many more things that most of the times only boys like. Mitch's only friend is Jamie. Jamie helped set up the pool with Mitch. Jamie also didn't know that they couldn't make a betting pool.
About Jamie
The Rookie Bookie
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