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Andy Sixx

No description

Angel Hunter

on 20 September 2011

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Transcript of Andy Sixx

Andrew Biersack
"Andy Sixx" "Andy Sixx" or Andrew Dennis Biersack was born on December 26, 1990 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. 8th grade year was when Andy's first band started called "Biersack" which was later changed to "Black Veil Brides" Andy would take CDs to school and hand them out to everyone he knew. He went to "School for Creative and Performing Arts" for his high school education and majored in Drama and Vocal music. Andy is 6 foot 2 inches tall
His mother's name is Amy, and his father's name is Chris.
Andy is the only original member left in Black Veil Brides.
As well as singing, he also plays the bass.
He absolutely loves animals.
Hockey is his favorite sport.
Andy used to model, and acted in several commercials, some being, AT&T and Montana Meth.
His favorite band is "Alkaline Trio"
He often writes poetry.
He is an only child. Andy was young, he was the "out-cast"Andy 6, was a character created to hide himself from the dangers of the world, then later on Andy Sixx, became who he is today.As a kid, he was over weight (in which he decided to lose the weight at the age of 13), and one of the only kids that adored to sport black. Of course alot of people thought that he was off, and weird. They avoided and mocked him, calling him names, such as "fag" and "emo".At 13, Andy did decide to lose the weight, and got his hair styled. Suddenly, the "emo" fashion came into play, and he was no longer the loser to the kids that had once called him "fag". They started gaining recognition for the song "Knives and Pens". The music video has gained over 26,000,000 views over YouTube. The music video has significant meaning. Especially since the young boy in the video represents Andy himself. The video, was from his time in school. The "fag" and "emo" posters that decorated the locker, was what happened to Andy. It was extremly hard on Andy to re-live those moments, that he tried to hard to forget. It was nothing but heart sickening to him to watch himself again as a child. When he was very young his father used alot of meth. When Andy was 14 he starred in an Anti-Meth commercial. Although he smokes cigarettes he has never used meth, due to the fact that his father was so addicted and he saw what it could do to your body. http://andy-sixx-biersack.blogspot.com/2011/02/biography-of-andy-sixx.html http://sextme.hubpages.com/hub/Andy-Sixx By: Angel Hunter =P
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