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Social Media Strategy for Meredith College Office of Academic and Career Planning

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Jennifer Prince

on 25 May 2011

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Transcript of Social Media Strategy for Meredith College Office of Academic and Career Planning

Facebook Most popular medium used by students (41 of 44 students said they would come to facebook for ACP info)
Compilation of other mediums
JLP Recomends a Page "Grand Central Station" Twitter "Quick and Dirty" Tips and Tricks (Resume, Academic Advising, etc.)

Day-of Reminders about events Tips and Tricks Compiled in Notes Last Minute Event Promo Blog "Personal Touch" Alum and Student Success Stories
Meet the Staff
Student Challenges
Workshops Details about Major Events, Tied to Tutorials Links to New Materials, Reminders about Challenges New Post Notifications and student challenge reminders Social Media & ACP YouTube "Support for Blog" Videos of alum and student stories
Tutorial Videos ACP Website & Office,
CareerLink LinkedIn "Networking" Most Students at MC view linked in for networking only Time Frame: Posts would occur multiple times a week, but could be scheduled via Hootsuite (once every 1-2 weeks). Time Frame: One tip per week per type (one resume post a week, one academic advising tip a week, etc) These could be scheduled in advance on hootsuite Time Frame:
One each alum/student story per month
2 options for staff: all posted at same time on a seperate "page" or "staff member of the month"
1 or 2 student challenges a semester
1-2 tutorials a month (guest writers [employers, faculty advisors, alums] possible)
(All of this could be written durring Summer/Winter Break and then scheduled to post during the semester) As Time Permits.
(I would not begin a YouTube page until we know about)
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