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Five Themes of Geography of Ancient Greece

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Autumn Knight

on 4 March 2014

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Transcript of Five Themes of Geography of Ancient Greece

Five Themes of Geography of Ancient Greece
Location-position on earth
Absolute Location-exact location of a place on earth. Athens-38north 23east Sparta-37north 23east
Movement-the movement of people, goods, information, and ideas
Athens-people traveled on boats, merchants traded pottery, wine, olives, bronze, ect. Sparta-spread information by carving it into columns, people traveled to many difrent city-states to fight them and take them over
Place-physical and human characteristics of a place
Human Feature-features made by humans. Athens-Parthenon, Temple of Ares Sparta-, Temple of Artemis Orthia, the Mitary Barracks
Region-areas that share a common characteristics often used to compare or contrast
Greek Fable-The Lion and the Mouse
One day a little mouse was on his way home to see his family(over 2,000 other mice) when a lion snatched him off the round. The lion started to chuckle then said in a harsh voice,"you might as well give up friend, you will not escape me. I'm so much larger and stronger than you." The mouse did not liste and still struggled to escape. He yelled,"If I am your friend, then release me." The lion just laughed but at the mouse's home one of his brothers heard him yell and rounded up his whole family. The lion was about to eat the mouse when a large wave of mice came and attacked the lion. The on was confused but lost the fight and died.

Moral-success comes in numbers
Human Environment Interaction-how humans interact with the environment
Athens-people fished(fisherman) for food, people had to build homes on mountains from materiaals that nature provided Sparta- spartan boys as infants were left in the wilderness to die if they were not healthy or had a birth defect, cut down trees for buildings (examples-shacks, homes, walls, exc.)
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Fun Facts
Relative Location-explains where a place is by describing the places near it. Athens-Thebes, Sea of Crete, gulf of Corinth Sparta-Mediterranean sea, Sea of Crete, Mycenae
Hello, I'm Autumn Knight and I'm going to be telling you about the Five Themes of Geography of Ancient Greece, I hope you enjoy it.
Physical Feature-natualy accuring features on the earths surface. Athens-sea of crete, Aegrean Sea Sparta-Mt. Olympus, Mediterrean Sea
#1-the ancient athenians were the first to descover democracy
#2-the yo-yo is the 2nd oldest toy(the doll is the oldest) and was invented over 3,000 years ago in the times of ancient greece
had a huge army
worshipped greek gods
left baby boys in the wilderness to die if not healthy when born
had a lot of farming
all children stayed home until they wanted to leave instead of leaving when told (age 7)
That was my project on the Five Themes of Geography of Ancient Greece, I hope you liked it. thank you for listening.
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