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Chapter 3 Definitions

AP Human Geography Chapter 3 Key Terms

Matthew Winesberry

on 21 September 2010

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Transcript of Chapter 3 Definitions

AP Human Geography Chapter 3 Key Terms The first term... Remittances! Which is bascially sending money home to family from the country you have migrated to Wahaha MONEY!!! Let's move on to the next one The Big "M"..... Migration!!! Which is the movement of people across places There are Two major types of migration Internal & External Migration Internal migration is movement in a country External migration is movement internationally Migration can also be broken down into three distinct types Forced Migration Voluntary Migration Step Migration Which is migration which bypasses the user's opinion Which is migration that is caused by the person's opinion Which is migration that occurs in stages All of these must follow the Laws Of Migration Five Laws Developed by Ernst Ravenstein A set of Laws Developed by Ernst Ravenstein that predict the flow of migrants chain migration is a subset of this AKA migration that develops by kinship links Kinship Links are the push/pull factors tha influence a migrant's decision to go where family and friends have had success Push/Pull Factors are the variables which move an indivdual away from or to a location if a large enough chain of chain migration occurs... it could become an immigration wave! However immigration laws restrict the migration of people Uh Oh... A disaster is coming! Looks like you have to become a refugee Someone who seeks asylum, or safety in another location You've moved somewhere else and have become an international refugee! But your friend has to seek asylum within his country Looks like he has to be an internal refugee For instance, selective immigration only allows certain people to immigrate You being a refugee is a standard thing during this time of year It's a cyclic movement for you, as you prefer nomadism This makes your activity space, or what you see daily, large The government can also set quotas, or limits on the number of people allowed You are a migrant labor military worker, this means you must periodically move between locations in two different countries, but you are legal because you are a guest worker The distance decay between you and your family is great The Island of Development over there seems to be teeming with intervening opportunity Because it is closer to your family It is fairly new though; An explorer recently scouted the area And it is an english colony It’s gone through the process of colonization, or the placing of one’s government in another location, with England But they need farmers; you could become one, but you would need to go through transhumance, a seasonal periodic movement of pastoralists between highland/lowland pastures You move there after all, following the prediction of the Gravity Model, a prediction of the interaction of places; a function of population size Get the big picture?
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