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Copy of HPV Vaccine

No description

Sondae Stevens

on 9 January 2014

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Transcript of Copy of HPV Vaccine

Discuss the background and discovery of the HPV vaccine
Brief overview of the molecular biology
The mechanism by which the HPV vaccine works?
Who is vaccinated and when?
Contraindications for the HPV vaccination
Rigoni and Stern 1842
Death certifcates - Increase in death by cervical carcinoma in married women and prostitutes
Small number of deaths in nuns and virgins
Conclusions - Link between sexual contact and Cervical carcinoma
Vaccination Programme
Began in 2008
Teenage girls 12-13
Three year catch up campaign offered to older girls
Why 11-12 year olds?
Many are not sexually active
Easy to deliver to patients through secondary schools
Three injections over six months
HPV Vaccination
Two types available:
Cervacix - 16 and 18 (BIVALENT/HPV2)
Gardisil - 6, 11, 16 and 18 (QUADRAVALENT/HPV4)

Live attenuated vaccines - Administered IM

Routine cervical screening must continue as the vaccines do not cover all strains of the virus.
A little pharmacology ...
L1 Viral Capsid
Assembles into a protien shell
Induces high levels of antibodies to be produced

Harold zur Hausen
1974 - Presented at a conference that Herpes had no role in cervical carcinoma.

Prior to speaking another Proffessor proclaimed that there was a 40% link between herpes virus and cervical carcinoma.

Major knock on effect to Harold zur Hausens reputation

Recognised/ Began to understand oncogenes

1977- Found that cervical carcinoma biopsies contained HPV 16 and 18

1980 - Approached a pharmaceutical company to try and produce a vaccine. He was denied as it did not seem profitable!

2004 - GlaxoSmithKlien published in The Lancet
Why do we need to know this?
Common AMK question
Anaphylaxis can kill
Known hypersensitivity to egg
Yeast allergy

Delayed if Acute febrile illness
In Conclusion
Discussed the controversial history behind the HPV vaccine
Looked at the basic molecular biology
Attempted to gain understanding into its clinical application
NHS direct
Pathologic Basis of disease 7th edition
HPV Vaccine
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