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Gaining Essential Knowledge and Skills in the PYP

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Clare Hubbard

on 24 October 2013

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Transcript of Gaining Essential Knowledge and Skills in the PYP

Gaining Essential Knowledge and Skills in the PYP
Skills and Knowledge
"Of equal importance is the need to acquire skills in context, and to explore content that is relevant to students, and transcends the boundaries of the traditional subjects."
p. 11 Making the PYP Happen
Skills in context
We used to live in a world where knowing a lot of information took you a long way in life.

Now our world needs people who can filter through the mass amounts of information at their fingertips and understand how and when to use it.
Is this something you wonder about?
Our Goal
To integrate thinking:
Where students see the patterns and connections of knowledge at a conceptual and transferable level of understanding.
This means:
Greater retention of information
Deeper levels of understanding
Increased motivation
Content that is relevant
G. Steve McCallum.
Knowing vs Understanding
How specific skills are taught through a unit of inquiry:
Grade Four:
Theme: How We Organize Ourselves
Central Idea: The decisions that a governing group makes impacts on the way a community lives.
Summative Task:
Working in small groups, the students will choose a type of government and research it. The students will write laws for our classroom in accordance with this government. The classroom will be run according to these laws for part of the day. Each group will show an understanding of the central idea in relation to their governmental system.
Transdisciplinary Skills:
Communication skills:
reading, writing (persuasive)

Research Skills:
Formulating questions, Recording data, Organizing data (statistics, timelines)
Skills are both taught and developed through the unit, and then assessed.
Supporting material
Skill development is reflected through assessment rubrics, curriculum mapping documents and teacher reflection.
Focusing in on Mathematics:
Numeracy teaching is separate to the six unit of inquiry themes and is taught thoughout the year.

The teaching of Knowledge and Strategies.
Other strand mathematics are taught with each unit.
Knowledge: Facts which are locked in time, place or situation.
Understanding: A conceptual understanding which transfers through time, across cultures and situations.
Lyn Erickson
Focusing in on Science
and Social Studies:
Subjects are identified for every unit.
Skills in social studies and science are highlighted for each unit. For example: In social studies the students will...

Formulate and ask questions about the past, the future, places and society.
Use and analyze evidence from a variety of historical, geographical and societal sources.

Christianne Cowie
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