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Music Therapy Improvisation and Autism Spectrum Disorder


Jenna Watkins

on 28 August 2014

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Transcript of Music Therapy Improvisation and Autism Spectrum Disorder

Music Therapy Improvisation and Autism Spectrum Disorder
Creative Therapies Leadership Group
October 30, 2012

Music Therapy benefits Autism
What is improvisation?
How can
we use improvisation
in the classroom?
Models of Music Therapy Improvisation
Free Improvisation
Performance Improvisation
9th Century Organum
Known for use in the Jazz genre
Popular use today in jam bands
Music Therapy Improvisation
Human communication in sound
The aesthetic is the presence of the persons in the act
Taps mechanisms of non-verbal communication
Memorized and altered
1 in 88 children are diagnosed
on the spectrum
Autism is more common in boys
than in girls
Early intervention is important
Sensory input
Music therapy improves
Jenna Watkins, Music Therapy Intern
Self in relation to others
Interpersonal intimacy
Group skills
Decisiveness and intention
Match students musical and non-musical expression
Respond empathetically
Follow appropriate communication guidelines rather than musical guidelines
Bruscia, Kenneth E. "A Survey of Treatment Procedures in Improvisational Music Therapy." Temple University, n.d. Web. Sept. 2012.

Kim, Jinah, Tony Wigram, and Christian Gold."The Effects of Improvisational Music Therapy on Joint Attention."J Autism Dev Discord 38 (2008): 1758-766. Web. Sept. 2012.

Pavlicevic, Mercedes, RMTh, Phd. "Improvisation in Music Therapy: Human Communication in Sound." Journal of Music Therapy XXXVII.4 (2000): 269-85. Print.

Wright, Lindsay J. Investigating Improvisation: Music Performance and the Disciplinary Divide. N.p.: n.p., 2010. Print.

Geretsegger, Monika, Ulla Holck, and Christian Gold. "Randomised Controlled Trial of Improvisational Music Therapy's Effectiveness for Children with Austism Spectrum Disorders (TIME-A): Study Protocol." BMC Pediatrics 12.2 (2012): n. pag. Print.
Meeting the child musically
Evoking musical responses
Developing musical skills
and freedom
Relating self to objects
Relating self to therapist
Relating self to others
Titled improvisations

How do you feel today?
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