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ISIC- British Council Sales Pitch

No description

songjun jiao

on 9 October 2013

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Transcript of ISIC- British Council Sales Pitch

129 countries;
950 Co-brand partnerships;
6,000+ point of sales
41,078 benefit providers;
125,675 discount locations;
5 million+ Cardholders demographics;
A new ISIC card issued every 7 seconds
100 million+ ISIC cards issued since 1953
EF - Education First
This offer is
for ISIC. No other partner of EF has a similar or better offer;
ISIC Cardholders get
90 days
web based on-line English lessons, with free access 24/7. The value of this benefit is
117,00 EUR
Value for ISIC cardholders only;
EUR 250 discount for the ISIC holders on the Year Abroad program;
8% discount on the International Language Schools;
10% discount on the Work and Travel program;
10% discount on the EF Internship Abroad program;
Discount of EUR 500 on the University Foundation Year and Master’s program;
Discount of EUR 500 on the EF International Academy;
Discount of 5% on the course fee for Students Language Courses;
More information on local ISIC Germany website:

Extensive partnership with EF:
What can we do for you?
Global Partnership
British Council
British Council
Goethe Institut
This offer is
for ISIC. No other partner of Goethe Institut has a similar or better offer;
ISIC Cardholders get
100 EUR off
and pay 498 EUR instead of 598 EUR =
Valid for ISIC and ITIC cardholders;

More than offering discounts
Issuing Office:
ISIC Mexico, ISIC Argentina: EF is an issuing point of ISIC cards (Not only to their own students);

"All-in-one-card" ISIC Co-brand:
ISIC Mexico: Co-branded Card with EF for all EF students meeting ISIC’s criteria of a full time student;
Other Educational Offers
ISIC Australia
i to i Teach English Overseas AND International Career Institute: 15% off all vocational career, language courses and on all distance learning courses;

ISIC Brazil
Skill English and Spanish: 20% off on regular courses;
Wizard: 20% off on all regular courses;
Fisk: 20% off regular courses and 10% off promotions;

ISIC China
You Mandarin Center: 15% off on all Mandarin courses AND Web English: 10% off Summer & Winter Course;

ISIC Czech Republic
EF: 5,000 CZK off on language courses;
OXFORD TEFL: 10% off the courses and FREE AM training course;

ISIC Estonia
Evenor International Language and Education Centre: 35% off language courses;

ISIC Indonesia
BBC Learning Center: 15% off TOEFL, Conversation & Grammar Class;
EF: Free placement test and 50% off registration fee for EF International Language School;
Increasing needs among students to learn English
, for academic, for career, for traveling abroad, for immigration and for self-improvement;
IELTS is accepted
by most Australian, British, Canadian, Irish, New Zealand and South African
academic institutions
, over 3,000 academic institutions in the USA, and various professional organizations;
It is also a
for immigration to Australia, New Zealand and Canada;
The average fee of one IELTS exam is around 180 Euro (many students wish/need to take more than one exam to reach the ideal score), plus the cost of a set of "must have" Cambridge guidebooks: caused
a certain economic burden for students
We work closely with students in world aiming to provide them, regardless their age, sex, nationality, race, religion, sexuality, the same opportunity to access to student facilities and benefits worldwide.
More importantly...
Alliance Française
ISIC Brazil: 15% off language courses;
ISIC Argentina: 10% off regular language courses;
ISIC Portugal: 10% off in all services;
ISIC Suriname: 25% off French courses;
Increase Exposure rate
& Encourage purchase
With whom are we
ISIC Global Office
Keizersgracht 174, 1016 DW Amsterdam
Tel. +31 20 520 0840
Email: sales@isic.org
ISIC – The International Student Identity Card
online and offline
ISIC Event;
ISIC Extranet

isic.org global website;
ISIC App (on ios and Android);
86 ISIC national websites;
IGO Facebook + 68 ISIC Country Facebook pages =
400,000 fans
IGO & ISIC Country twitter accounts and other social media pages

British Council
Czech Republic: 10% off language course;
Romania: 10% off subscription at British Council libraries;

Confucius Institute:
COMING SOON...ISIC China & IGO are negotiating with Hanban on offer details and available countries;
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