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SAAB Promo 2

No description

kristian robinson

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of SAAB Promo 2

Double click anywhere & add an idea Sport as a Business

Promotional Plan Aim

To achieve a target grade of Merit or Distinction for the Marketing Plan assignment


Students will be able to:

Compare 2 promotional case studies
Justify your promotional plan
Evaluate promotional plans
last session?

effective promotion
planning Individually compare and contrast these
2 promotional examples most effective? -individually Group Task

Justify (explain) the plan.

Present your ideas for the plan through bullet points on interactive board- filmed!!

Talking through the justification

Make sure all group members are involved in presentation


Audience to complete evaluation sheets

Make at least 5 evaluation points

Audience to ask questions for clarification at end of presentation
Compare 2 promotional case studies Justify your promotional plan Film Evaluation – individual

For the given group you have observed and evaluated:

Decide on your 3 top evaluation points
This must include at least one point for an area for improvement
Write on 3 post it notes for each group
Write your strengths on green post it
Write areas for improvements on orange post it
Board !!
Evaluate your promotional plan extension activity indidually choose the 2
most effective plans
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