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2nd grade_Gustav Klimt

No description
by Ms Rogala on 25 September 2014

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Transcript of 2nd grade_Gustav Klimt

Born- July 14, 1862
Died- Febuary 6, 1918
Gustav Klimt
by: Ms. Rogala
He creates great
art through use of
patterns using
color, line and texture as
his main elements of art.
His father was an engraver & carver
His family was very poor
He started at the School of Arts and Trades in Vienna at the age of 14
Klimt became influened by Chinese and Japanese styles
Die Drei Lebensalter der Frau (Three Ages of a Woman)
Der Kuss (The Kiss)
Die Jungfrau
(The Virgins)
Wasserschlangen (Water Serpents)
Bauerngarten mit Kruzifix (From Garden with Crucifix)
google images
* Born in Vienna, Austria
* Lived in poverty
* Showed artistic abilities as a youth
* Some of his family members were also artistic
Let's Talk Project
1) You will be creating your own blanket with a person sleeping
2) Your blanket needs the following:
a) A person sleeping
b) Blanket filled in with many patterns (what is a pattern?)
c) Many colors used
d) Landscape style (paper is wide/horizontal)
3) Position the paper Landscape style (wide)
a) Go to the left side of your paper
b) Draw a head (of you, parent, sibling....)
c) Draw a face (hair, eyes (closed, sleeping), nose, mouth, ears (?)
d) Draw quilt sections. Start at left side of paper and work your way to the right side
These are wide
diagonal wavy lines
that cross over each other and extend
to edge of the paper. These intersecting lines create your quilt.
e) Add designs to your quilt
f) You will color your person & blanket using colored pencils
g) Do not color the background (outside of the person).. we will be watercoloring

Day 2: Painting our blankets with color
Today we will be working on adding color to our blankets. We will use watercolor to add color.
I will demostrate painting with watercolors
I will demonstrate skin colors
1: Take ALL artwork and put in the drying racks
2: Empty water containers and put face down in any sink
3: Take all brushes and put in sink in the container
4: Wash tables
5: Dry tables

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