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Your resume: a second look

No description

Wesley Lipschultz

on 18 June 2018

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Transcript of Your resume: a second look

Your Resume: a Second Look
You have 6 seconds
Use every resource to organize yours to stick in 6 seconds
Make sure your most updated version is in our resume book
Attend the University of Pittsburgh Fall Career Fair - see Website below for dates and times
Attend Spring
Career Fairs
iSchool Career Fair - typically in February (see iFest Web page for details - http://www.ischool.pitt.edu/events/ifest/)
Look at some samples:
Create a draft/edit existing draft:

"There is no one good resume format. It just has to be easy on the eyes."

From - http://www.financialsamurai.com/2011/02/08/examples-of-good-resumes/
Have your creation reviewed:
Email resumes@pitt.edu (subject line "Resume Review")
University Spring Career Fair info can be found here:
"A resume is an advertisement, a tool with one specific purpose - to win an interview."

From - http://www.strategictalentboston.com/~/media/Files/StrategicTalent/StrategicTalentResumeTipsIT.pdf
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