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Sports Pick'em Presentation

No description

Oren SportsPicker

on 13 November 2012

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Transcript of Sports Pick'em Presentation

Sports Pick'em Licensing Opportunity Why White Label SportsPicker? Engagement SportsPicker 1. SportsPicker Consumer Game

2. White Label Offering

3. Engagement

4. Contesting

5. Gamification

Summary Unlimited Contesting SportsPicker allows brands to reach a very tough to reach demographic, 18-54 year old males. Gamification White Label Offering We provide a Turn-Key sports pick'em platform with unlimited custom contesting

Available on 2 platforms standard -

- Website matching look / feel (single line of code)

- Facebook page inside a widget ... Like required

Mobile / Tablet apps available (additional fee) 5 Minute Avg. Visit Duration
7.22 Pages / Visit
5,000 users have made 230k picks! Customers receive full analytics software to track usage in their own dashboard layout
OHK Labs Badge / Level - fully customizable names, images, and ways to level up!

Notify's users via email when level up

Sharing via FB + Twitter allows the users to do the marketing for you! Customers receive an account representative that will assist in challenge creation, prize fulfillment, and all customer service issues Pricing: Pay Per User - Commitment Free! The SportsPicker platform allows for
unlimited contesting 365 days a year Cover Big 6 US Sports
NCAA FB + BB, NBA, NFL, NHL, MLB Summary of Benefits Engage your fans year-round with a 365 Day/Year Custom Contesting Platform

Full analytics suite + Account Representative included

Collect valuable data, grow your fan base and email list

Gamify your website with badges + levels!

Our Sports Pick'em can be custom built to fit any customer, don't hesitate to ask. At sign-up can request any data that customer would want from users. Grow your e-mail list and Facebook Fan base by requiring a Like to Play! Customizable challenges, you choose the sport, the timelength, and the prizes, the system does the rest! Gamification is the use of game mechanics and game design techniques in non-game contexts. Watch your fans do your marketing by tracking invites, shares, and tweets 1. Web 2. Facebook Page Widget Like Required to Play October 2011 - Launched SportsPicker on Facebook and iOS

February 2012 - Pivoted to Challenge based system to award prizes

July 2012 - Began exploring the white labeling opportunity.
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