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thames thames

on 15 February 2015

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Transcript of airplanes

about the queen
now you know about bees
about the bee
Most bees are workers, which are female, but some are male, called "drones." Workers are slightly smaller than drones. All Honey Bees are reddish brown and black, with orangish-yellow rings on the abdomen (back part of body). The head, antennae, and legs are black. Honey Bees have thick, pale hair on the thorax (middle part of body).
the bees hive
Honey Bees live in a nest, called a "hive." A single hive can have up to 80,000 bees, mostly workers. It is usually located in a hollow tree.

The hive is ruled over by a queen bee. She is the largest bee in the hive, and she is the only female to mate. Males usually just hang around; their only purpose is to mate with the queen. Then they die. The workers do all of the work inside and outside of the hive. Their jobs include: caring for larvae (baby bees), making wax, building honeycomb, cleaning up the hive, storing pollen, making honey, guarding the hive, collecting pollen and nectar.

Honeycomb is layers of wax cells (little rooms) made into a hexagonal (six-sided) shape. The queen will lay eggs in the cells and Honey Bee babies, called larvae, will hatch. Larvae will eventually pupate (make a caccoon in their cells), and hatch out as adult bees.
Honey Bees eat nectar and pollen from flowers. Nectar is the liquid in a flower, and pollen is a powdery substance which must be transferred from one flower to another to make more flowers. Larvae eat honey.
what bees eat
Queen bees eat royal jelly. Royal jelly is a paste made by worker bees.

The queen lays eggs which become either males, workers, or new queens, depending on the time of year and the age of the hive. After she makes new queens, she will leave the nest with some workers to start a new hive.

The first new queen will kill all the others, and then she will be the queen of the old hive.

a bees job
When Honey Bees seek out nectar and pollen to make honey with, they visit many different types of flowers, including clover, dandelions, goldenrod, fruit trees, and milkweed.

Once at the flower, the worker bee drinks as much nectar as she can hold. When she gets back to the hive, she passes the nectar on to another worker. This worker holds the nectar on her tongue until the water evaporates. She is left with honey on her tongue, which is stored in the hive.
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