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Women in Politics

No description

Danielle Rosenthal

on 13 February 2013

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Transcript of Women in Politics

The status of women in U.S. politics and how to change it Shattering the Glass Ceiling 80% 20% Four women have been nominated to be vice president, none have won. 22/50 "Less than one-in-five parliamentarians in the world today are women. It is a worrying statistic at this point and impossible to justify."
- Anders B. Johnson
IPU Secretary General Lack of relatable
role models No inspiration to
pursue the field Few end up
pursuing politics The Role Model Cycle The Media - Doug Sweet
McGill Reporter “I can’t recall lengthy discussions about the cut of John McCain’s suits or the unnatural crispness of Barak Obama’s luminous white shirts. But there has been much written and said about Hilary Clinton’s pantsuits and Sarah Palin’s eyeglasses, hair, wardrobe and, according to one CBC blogger, ‘porn-star looks,’ whatever those are” NPR Raedle, 2009 Sedona Observer Lack of role models Misrepresentation in the media Traditions of male dominance Lack of resources and leadership training Media analysis Mentorship
Training Programs Leadership opportunities Skills, resources, and confidence Motivation Interest Goals American University Danielle Rosenthal J. Howard Miller Solutions Support Resilience The White House Project Women in positions of political power: 80th The New Agenda
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