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Potential Members

How potential members can benefit from the KnowNET.

Kady MacFarlane

on 24 June 2010

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Transcript of Potential Members

Do you want to travel internationally, but not as a tourist? Do you want to experience life in South Asia, Africa, or Latin America? Do you want to volunteer your medical skills and expertise, but you're not sure how? Do you want to be connected to a network of concerned and like-minded healthcare professionals? Do you want to try your hand at teaching and inspiring a whole new generation of global health workers? Health Volunteers Overseas can get you there, and the KnowNET can help! What is the KnowNET? The KnowNET, or Knowledge Network, is an online platform designed to promote the free transfer of information between HVO volunteers, members and staff. Trip Reports Contact Information for Previous Volunteers Information about the Country Educational Resources Read about previous volunters' experiences. Trip Reports normally include a "typical day" section detailing daily activites in the hospitals and classroom. They also include information on housing, where to eat and fun weekend activities. View Powerpoint presentations of lectures that previous volunteers have given. HVO is also working to expand our collection of educational materials by partnering with professional associations to provide resources for our members to use, free of charge. Interested in a particular country, or just want to know more about where you might go? The KnowNET provides general information for each country where HVO has a program, as well as links to magazine articles and cultural resources. Interested, but still need more information? The KnowNET contains lists of contact information for previous volunteers and the subjects that they lectured on. Even without every Powerpoint presentation you can still get an idea of what has been presented and the scope of the curriculum. What's of interest to potential members on the KnowNET? That sounds great! How do I get access to the KnowNET? The KnowNET is a member benefit; for continued access you must join HVO. However, if you're interested and thinking about joining we can give you a 3 month guest membership. Contact Kady MacFarlane at k.macfarlane@hvousa.org for more information Imagine how many people you can touch if you teach. The only other questions are:

Where will you go?

What will you do?

How will your life change?
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