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haris saljic

on 3 December 2014

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Transcript of Finance

Field of Finance

By: Haris Saljic

Career Investigation Presentation
Finance facts
- There are 45+ Finance-related jobs in the job market (Career p.2)
- Jobs such as Loan Officer, Financial Adviser, Financial Manager, and Financial Analysts.(Career p.2)
- Approximately 87,377 jobs available as of now (Finance)
-Average salary of all Finance jobs overall $49,160 (Economics p.4)
Finance Analyst
-Financial analysts provide guidance to businesses and individuals making investment decisions. They assess the performance of stocks, bonds, and other types of investments.(Financial Analysts Summary p.1)
- Uses skills like quantitative analysis and advising skills.
- Average salary of Financial Analysts is $76,950(Financial Analysts Summary p.1)
- Work hours for a typical Financial Analyst ranges from 8am-
5pm(Doumenc p.5)
- Job growth expected to be 16% by 2022 for Financial Analysts
( Financial Analysts Summary p.1)
Requirements for major in OU

-Before working in the course students must take FIN 322.
- Must obtain a 2.0 GPA.
Required classes to take:
ACC 301 - Financial Reporting and Analysis(3)
FIN 416 - Investment Analysis(3)
FIN 422 - Managerial Finance II (3)
FIN 399 - Achieve III - Finance(3)
FIN 417 - Investment Portfolio Management (3)
FIN 418 - Financial Institutions and Capital Markets (3)
FIN 419 - International Financial Management (3)
FIN 420 - Real Estate Investment Analysis (3)
FIN 480 - Special Topics in Finance (3)

22 total credits from these classes must be earned.

(Finance Catalog, Oakland University)

skills needed to successfully complete the course:
-Communicating effectively
-such as statistics
- Know what time value is and what it does(Qian, PC)
-time value definition: The portion of an option's premium that is attributable to the amount of time remaining until the expiration of the option contract. (Time value p.1)
-Reconginze best investment options scenario.

Period of time that it takes (normally) to complete the undergraduate program:
4 years
(Must complete each course
with at least a 2.0 GPA) (FinanceCatalog)
Use of writing/communication in Finance program
Use of writing/communication in the professional level
- "Writing is important in a field, especially in the profession of a Finance Advisor."(Qian,PC)
- A finance advisor has to develop analytical skills in order to understand how a client wants to invest their money, as well as understand the complexities of the stock market, insurance types and bonds.

Requirements for completing OU degree regarding writing/communication
Classes to take:
-WRT 150(composition 1)(Oakland)
-WRT 160(composition 2)(Oakland)

How to have success within writing

- Must understand the many rhetorical appeals.
- "Writing and Communication is the means to which we conduct business/advertise."(Saljic, survey)

- So to be clear, logical, and credible when advising, or reporting funds, expenses, investments, etc. towards clients of a bank/insurance or managers of a company in order to for positive results such as investing in the right material for the right cost, or gaining profit during stock investing.

-"Normally I provide proposals based on each individual's financial situation. Then I provide pros and cons for each option."(Veronica,PC)
- Reach an audience correctly
- In writing proposals for clients
, you must be able to relate to their terms
in order for them to have a clear way to decide on whether to respond on
topics such as lending money, or
investment options.
"Communication has helped because it helps the audience actually know and understand what any business would be about."(Saljic, survey)
How to work in the field of Finance before graduating

Enter an Internship
- There are many internship opportunities
in the Career link section of Oakland website.

How to prepare for a job in the field
- Go to Career Services In OU
- Learn the basis of interviews before
heading to one. (OU CareerLink)
- Learn correct business ethics(OU CareerLink)
- Can help improve business professions with their presentation ability and in their proposals towards companies and clients.

Ethos and Logos
-Financial Advisers would use ethos a ton of times in order to establish creditably and trust from their clients

Skills such as Quantative Analysis
are used during financial reports so that financial analysts can clarify investment options for certain businesses.
Quantative Analysis
:The process of determining the value of a security by examining its numerical, measurable characteristics such as revenues, earnings, margins, and market share. (Quantative Analysis p.1)

Works Cited- Animoto

What is Finance?
-Finance is involved with the aquisition, investment, and management of cash resources of business ethnities, government agenicies, and individuals.(Finance p.1)
- Banks, Insurance companies, and automotive companies are some common places where Finance-related professions work.

- Deals with profit losses, gains, financial planning, and trading(either
for materials or stock)

What to get before entering in the professional level of the field?
- Jobs such as Stockbrokers can be obtained by someone who has a degree in Finance.(Career p.1)

- In most cases, it is wise to receive a bachelors degree in Finance.

-Some jobs such as Loan Officer, may need a a license before working professionally in the field.
Finance program at Oakland University
- Based on Oakland's School of Business Administration
- The school is one of only 170 business schools out of 8,000 around the world to hold the elite AACSB-International accreditation in both business and accounting.
- In addition as being offered as a Major at Oakland University, it can be offered as a Minor.
To find more info on

-Head over to Elliot Hall
at Oakland University
-Address:427 Elliott Hall
2200 N. Squirrel Road
Rochester, MI 48309-4401
-grab brochures
- visit professors from Finance
- Kresge Library
- Writing Center
Look at Oakland
website finance
section: https://www.oakland.edu/Default.aspx?id=27919&sid=520&CWFriendlyUrl=true
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(Finance section, Oakland University)

- Im still unsure whether to choose this major.

-I learned the stats is used more than I


- To inform audience about the field of Finance

- To show how writing/communication relates to the field
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