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Contemporary Issues - Immunisations

No description

Kento Hagino

on 5 October 2014

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Transcript of Contemporary Issues - Immunisations


Contemporary Issues - Immunisations
Don't be judgemental or angry
Show you understand the parents' view
Ask if they would LIKE to know more about the issue from a doctor's perspective
Minimise 'forcing' of opinion
Ultimately parent's chocie
Explaining to reluctant parents
- Coverage
- Herd immunity
- Anti-immunisation lobby
- Compulsory vaccinations
The Anti-Immunisation Lobby
Approximate herd immunity values
- Diphtheria 85%
- Measles 83-94%
- Mumps 75-86%
- Pertussis 92-94%
- Polio 80-86%
- Rubella 83-85%
- Smallpox 80-85% (13)

Herd Immunity
Introducing antigenic material into the body to stimulate an adaptive immunity.
Four types:
- Inactivated
- Attenuated
- Virus-like particle/conjugate/subunit
- Toxoid (1)
What are vaccinations?
- Since 1996
- Included if <7yo and enrolled in Medicare
- Used for:
- Ease of obtaining records
- Measuring coverage and penetrance in communities
- Recording performance of individual centres. (3)
National Immunisation Register
Main: HB Vax, Infanrix, Prevenar 13, RotaTeq (2)
Immunisation Schedule
Reasons against vaccinations
- Unnatural
- Invasive and distressing to child
- Religious/cultural
- Cost
- Negative publicity
Feared side-effects of vaccination
Contracting the illness to be immunised against
Other idiopathic illness (ADHD, MS etc)
History of problems
RSV vaccine
Rotavirus vaccine and intussusception
- Study by Andrew Wakefield linking the MMR vaccine and autism
- Study published in 1998 since retracted, and Wakefield banned from practice
- Much new evidence refuting a link
Compulsory Vaccinations
- Parental autonomy as surrogate for child
- Not vaccinating places other children at risk
- "Free-riders"
- Parental autonomy vs paternalism (3)
Future Implications
New Diseases
Increasing coverage
New techniques
New Diseases:
New Infectious Diseases
Alzhiemer's Disease
Increasing coverage:
90% immunisation coverage.
Polio eradicated and measles mortality reduced to 90% of that in 2000.
New Vaccines:
Vaccine modalities:
DNA vaccines
Recombinant virus vaccines
Heterologous Vaccination
Autologous Vaccination

“There are natural alternatives for both the prevention and treatment of all infectious diseases which have not been approved by the government but which have stood the test of time. Check them out to balance against medical vaccination. It’s your right.”

Vaccination coverage in Australia
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- Vaccinations
- Immunisation schedule
- National Register
- Benefits
- Australian Vaccination Network
- Flow on effects
- Other factors
- Not readily available
- "Those diseases aren't around any more"
- "Overloading the immune system"
- Fear of side-effects (3)
- Name change from Australian Vaccination Network
- Loss of charity status
- Commission:

"Does not provide reliable information regarding vaccination.....disseminating, misleading, incorrect......engendering fear or alarm, and detrimentally affecting clinical care" (5)
GIVS Goals:
- Australian Vaccination-skeptics Network
- Arguments from the lobby
- Autism
- Side-effects of vaccinations
Matt Pavelek, StatePress
Jeong Woo Lee, Georgia Tech
Actual Side Effects
Low-grade fever, swelling, injection site pain, headache
Anaphylaxis (<1 in 1,000,000)
Vaccine-specific effects (eg rotavirus and intussusception) (3)
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