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detailed insight of the glass mengaerie by tenesse williams

No description

Alma Lagos

on 28 January 2014

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Transcript of detailed insight of the glass mengaerie by tenesse williams

Formalist Approach
Work Cited
Monica Navarro
Alma Lagos
Stephanie Hernandez
Lizbeth Pascual

The Glass Menagerie
By:Tennessee Williams

Truth is most favorable in the disguise of an illusion.
Author's Style
: Is the son of Amanda, cares a lot about his sister but really wants to leave and have the adventures
"I go to the movies because—I like adventure. Adventure is something I don’t have much of at work, so I go to the movies."
: A woman left by he husband left to deal with her crippled daughter and a son that's just like his father, she means well for her children but seems to not want to live in the present."Sometimes they come when they are least expected! Why, I remember one Sunday afternoon in Blue Mountain..." (7).
: Laura is a very quite and innocent girl who is very insecure because of her crippled leg. She believes that everyone that sees her laughs and makes fun of her.‘No – I remember her perfectly now. Her hands shook so that she couldn’t hit the right keys! The first time we gave a speed test, she broke down completely – was sick at the stomach and almost had to be carried into the wash room! After that morning she never showed up anymore. We phoned the house but never got any answer.’"
: Jim is Laura's unsuspecting gentleman caller and just so happens to be the only character that sees the reality of their situation. He seems to be the only one who does not comfort himself with some sort of illusion. He is the one that allows Laura to become the normal girl that she was meant to be.
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‘The Glass Menagerie.’” The Tufts Daily February 20, 2013. tuftsdaily.com/. January 25, 2014

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the apartment is where the entire play takes place. For Amanda the apartment is a .place of control. As stated in the article, What is the Underlying Truth? by Elaine P. Pearce, “Tom enters the Wingfield apartment, his mother is in full control. Tom may be the stage manager of the play, but Amanda is director, designer, and producer of the family’s existence.” Since Amanda doesn’t have control of her own life she pushes her children to fulfill her dreams. Amanda makes herself believe that Laura is not crippled and that she will be able to find a great gentleman caller.

Fire escape
: The fire escape is like a window between reality and the past. Tom breaks away from the play to speak to the audience crossing that barrier between the fantasy life he was living then to the reality he is currently in.

Short structured sentences
: I tell you it’s done a helluva lot for me” (67).
Very detailed:
dinner is just finished in the dining room, Laura is still huddled upon the sofa, her feet drawn sunder her, her head resting on a pale blue pillow, her eye wide and mysteriously watchful” (67).
: Pessimistic, “I want to ask you somethings …If you’re going to make such a fuss I’ll call it off, I’ll tell him not to come!... You certainly won’t do anything of the kind”(43).

- Escapism-all have different forms of escaping the situation they are in.

- Refusal to Accept Reality-All three characters do not want to accept their reality.

- Obligation vs. Desire-Laura is being obligated to find a husband. and Toms desire to travel and have adventures are put on hold when his mother says he need to help find a a caller for his sister

- Abandonment- tom suffers from abandonment for his father, the only father figure he had in his life. Amanda was left by her husband left to deal with bother her children alone.
Magician's Act-"We nailed him into a coffin and he got out of the coffin without removing one nail"(article page 1)tom wanting to leave his family with out harming anyone

- The Glass Menagerie-the illusion that Laura lives in. she is the little unicorn."Aw, aw, aw. Is it broken?"
"Now it is just like all the other horses."
"It’s lost it’s—"
"Horn! It doesn’t matter. Maybe it’s a blessing in disguise" (86).

blue roses when from changing a word that brough illness to laure to some thing beautiful

It is easier to live a life full of illusions rather than facing the
reality because illusions are
always more appealing.
Concluding Message
- Blue Roses""He used to call me – Blue Roses"(17)
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