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Solar Energy PPT

No description

Shiereen Gueco

on 11 December 2013

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Transcript of Solar Energy PPT

Converted to solar electricity
How does
Captured though solar panels
Concentrates sunlight
and converts the light to heat.
Electricity is
in the steam

produced for
industries and homes.
direct electricity
Silicon is
wired into solar panels
, wired to a
sun strikes silicon cells
, panels
generate electric currents
connected to external load and
powers it.
Multiple cells connected to each other form an array of cells called solar panels.
Those solar panels are connected to
to form PV array
Solar Power Usage
.2 % of the United States uses solar energy
The top five countries utilizing solar energy are Germany , Italy , China , USA, and Japan
California is a nationally leading state and
all other states
is utilizing two times the capacity of
Prices per kilowatt hour
$1.29 per watt. 
10 kWh= 10,000 watts- $12,900
In 2012
-If you generate 1 kW of power for one hour, you have generated one kWh of energy.
15 kWh= 15,000 watts- $19,350
5 kWh= 5,000 watts- $6,450
Additional for wires, hardware, batteries, installations, etc. =
$10,000- $20,000
Electricity for free
Sell electricity to utility companies.
Increases home value by 20,000$ and 100,000$ for businesses
Ensure economic security
Supply increase=Lowers electricity cost
Slow/stops Global Warming
Energy derived from the sun
Lowers the demands for fossil fuels.
Most eco-friendly
Reduces emissions of toxic gas due to fossil fuel burning
Fun Facts!
Space missions use solar energy to power spaceships since 1958!
Sun is 90 million miles away. But the light speed only takes around 10 minutes
Air Force base in Nevada has saved $83,000 A MONTH since it switched
Creates absolutely
no pollution
Used for over 2700 years; in 700 BC
Cook food, heat and cool homes, warm water and light buildings.
Solar Energy
By: Shiereen-Ann, Manpreet, Marissa, & Alanis


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