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The Maze Runner

No description

Siddharth Jain

on 15 June 2015

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Transcript of The Maze Runner

The Maze Runner
Written By: James Dashner
Presented By: Siddharth Jain
Character Analysis
The main character is Thomas.
In the beginning, Thomas was more of just doing things right when he thinks of it.
When Thomas first arrived to the Maze, Newt and Alby were telling him that they would answer all of his questions the next day.
Still, Thomas wanted to learn more about the Glade right away and kept asking questions.
Thomas did not step back and think about what he was doing.
"Before Thomas had a chance to think, questions were rushing out of his mouth. 'Who are those guys and what were they doing? What's in that building?'...He felt a rattling presence of uncertainty... (Dashner, 27)"
Thomas does not think before he speaks. He just kept wanting to know everything instantly.
This is not always a good character trait.
Then, Thomas started to think before he spoke. He would think about what he wanted to say.
Thomas became a better leader and was able to speak better. Thomas thought hard about topics and was willing to take risks for the benefit of others.
Thomas decided to get stung by a Griever and go through the Changing knowing the risk and immense pain through the process.
He created a plan for the Gladers to go and rebel against the Creators and Grievers.
"Thomas spoke again once things settles. 'I'm going through the Hole or I'll die trying to get there... [lengthy explanation of what has to be done] ... We'll have passed the test. Then we can face the Creators themselves. (Dashner, 313)"
Thomas was becoming a good leader. He made a solid plan on what to do and then was able to explain it to the leaders of the community so well also.
He was able to convince people to join him to get to the same goal, getting out of the Glade.
Thomas changed a lot throughout the story becoming braver, a better leader and a better decision maker.
Static vs. Dynamic
Character Traits
Thomas is extremely brave. He is willing to risk his life to help the others, and Thomas is not scared not following instructions.
Newt and Alby would take him on a tour.
"[Newt] Best be quiet now, accept the change - morn comes tomorrow (Dashner,11)" Newt is telling Thomas to just accept what is happening until the next day. "[Thomas] Who are they?...Why is everyone calling me Greenbean?...What hurts a lot?...Grievers? (Dashner, 14)"
Thomas wanted some answers
He was giving an explaination on how to leave the Glade. He was brave enough to volunteer himself to die.
"[Winston] So your suggestion is that we throw some poor kid to the wolves so the rest of us can escape?...[Thomas] And it seems obvious who that poor kid should be...Me (Dashner, 314)"
He just said that we will sacrifice his life so that everyone else has enough time to get out of there. That is a very bold and brave decision to make.
Thomas is a dynamic character. He is changing throughout the story.
Thomas is also a very good leader. This character trait develops throughout the story
Thomas was willing to take risks for other, some as deep as sacrificing his life.
"Thomas spoke again once things settles. 'I'm going through the Hole or I'll die trying to get there... [lengthy explanation of what has to be done] ... We'll have passed the test. Then we can face the Creators themselves. (Dashner, 313)”
He can give encouraging words to the people around him.
Thomas was able to make strong plans for everything that had to be done.
He was able to convince people to join him to get to the same goal, getting out of the Glade.
Minho and Alby get stuck in the maze one night. Thomas rushes in to help. He saves both Minho and Alby. There is a big debate on if Thomas is stupid or a hero.
Thomas becomes a Runner to go into the maze. He follows Minho to learn more about how to run the maze. The Runners then all come back into the Map Room to draw the new map of their section. They compare the maps to the previous maps they drew to find patterns, but find none. Thomas and Minho finally find the Griever hole.
Thomas does this for a few days and then realizes, there is pattern in the maps.
The girl, Teresa, wakes up and her and Thomas become good friends. They both learn how to communicate with telepathy.
Thomas then proposes the idea that maybe the maze is actually a code. A few people come together and then finally crack the code. They find out that the maze keeps repeating a few words. The words are FLOAT, CATCH, BLEED, DEATH, STIFF and PUSH.
To get his memory back, Thomas then decides to get stung by a Griever. He hopes that in the Changing, he will be able to learn more about the maze. He then learns that that Griever hole is indeed an exit and the list of words was their code to escape the maze.
Thomas wakes up in a big elevator with no memory of any events, only basic understandings. He enters the glade.
The Glade is run by Alby and Newt. Newt tells Thomas that there is a maze outside of the Glade which Runners go to try to find an exit from the Glade.
At night in the maze, Grievers sting people, causing them to go through the Changing.
Later, a girl then comes in to the Glade. This was very weird because of 2 reasons. 1) A girl has never come into the maze before. 2) Usually a new person comes once a month. This girl came the day after Thomas which was not normal.
When she comes, everything in the Glade starts to change. She remains in a coma, the sun disappears, supplies top coming and doors of the maze stay open.


One theme in
The Maze Runner
is that
"Friends can help you overcome many obstacles."

This happened once when needed to get into the Griever hole in order to punch in the code.
The only way he could have done that was with the help of his friends to fight.
"...the Gladers followed, a tight pack of roaring boys charging ahead to a bloody battle, weapons raised. (Dashner, 337)"
This also happens when Alby and Minho get stuck in the maze.
They needed their friend Thomas to help them overcome the obstacle of staying in the maze at night.
Another theme in
The Maze Runner
is that
"Confidence and Courage will lead to your dreams to be fulfilled."
Thomas wanted to become a runner, but no one thought that he could do it, but then finally became one.
“[Chuck] That first night, when you were bragging about being a Runner… I was laughing inside so hard… Well, you proved me wrong, huh? (Dashner, 187)”
Helps everyone escape from maze.
The Gladers were using courage to fight the Grievers.
It took a lot of Confidence from Thomas to use his memories to lead the Gladers to the Griever hole.
Why should someone read the maze runner?
Impressing facts
#1 in box office
From more than 4000 people, the maze runner has an average of 4.5 stars out of 5.
The movie has made about $380
I found the The Maze Runner really engaging.
There were many plot twists and the new things were being discovered.
The way that Thomas and the Leaders though was interesting like the way which they figured out the code to the maze.
There is a big mystery behind everything
Thomas and the other Gladers need to figure out many things by themselves because they don't have their memories.
They don't know a lot about the Maze and the Grievers
There is also action and adventure.
Thomas has to fight the Grievers which no one has every had to do at night before.
He makes it out alive.
He leads a big group to get into the Griever Hole.
Everything that Thomas does to keep himself alive.
Jump of the walls
Climb up the vines with Alby
Make the plan to get the Grievers off the Clif.
There is a big feeling of happiness and success
Kills Griever
Becomes Runner
Survives the Maze
Cracks the code
Finds the Griever Hole
It makes the story a happier and more interesting to read.
Follow the following procedure:
1) Read The Maze Runner if you have not already
2) If you started and then abandoned it, refer to step 1
Additional Information
As most of you know, there is also a movie based on the Maze Runner.
He looks a lot different than what I imagined from when I read the book
Thanks for watching
I'll stop here
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