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Healthy Ageing

No description

Esmeralda Top

on 9 October 2012

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Transcript of Healthy Ageing

9 October 2012
Open Days EIP on Active & Healthy Ageing 2040: 30% of Drenthe 65 years or older Ageing Society and Population Decline
Major Challenge for Northern Netherlands www.google.com ANP Implications of Ageing Society living & working vitality of rural areas increase in demand for services
decrease in supply of services Paradigm Shift old & depending old & active citizenship Ageing of Society asks for Co-operation - Fundamental research on the causes of illness

- Improvement of regional economy,
using state-of-the-art innovations We all age.. 10th Week of European Regions and Cities

Making a difference. Shaping our future together Focus:
the improvement of regional development in areas of decline affected by an ageing population iAge promotes ICT to:
- combat social exclusion
- improve employment opportunities
- enhance the quality of life
- support active citizenship www.WikiAge.eu Healthy Ageing:
Can we enhance longer independent living
at home in rural areas?
How can sensor technology and ICT contribute to this?

Comments can be submitted via Twitter #EIPopendays

Healthy Ageing:
Kunnen we mensen op het platteland langer thuis laten wonen? Wat kunnen sensortechnologie en ICT daaraan bijdragen?

Denk mee! Reageer via Twitter #EIPopendays http://provincie.drenthe.nl/gedeputeerdevandertuuk
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