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Book 2 Earth

No description

Andrea Garcia

on 10 December 2013

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Transcript of Book 2 Earth

Book 2 Earth
Eastern Religion Influences
The Swamp
While flying over a swamp, Aang is inexplicably drawn to it. Aang and the gang crash into the swamp and learn more about themselves and an ultimate wisdom.
“I reached enlightenment under the mangrove tree” His enlightenment was that everything is connected, everything is the same.
Reference to the Buddha
Bitter Work
Aang struggles to learn Earthbending from Toph. Sokka gets himself into a jam. Meanwhile Zuko tries to learn how to bend and deflect lightning.
Uncle Iroh begins explaining to Zuko how to deflect lightning he starts off talking about the four nations.
Yin and Yang referenced again
Positive and Negative energy
When the energies are separated they come together again to restore balance

The Earth King
Aang and his friends struggle against Long Feng and the Dai Li to tell the truth about the war to the Earth King.
When they defeat the Dai Li and Long Feng, the kids are returned items confiscated by Long Feng. In those items was a letter to Aang from a Guru, offering to help him master the Avatar State
Definition of a Guru
Spiritual expert
The Guru
A guru helps Aang understand and master the Avatar State.
Guru Pathik tells Aang that if he wants to master the Avatar state he has to open his chakras.
He describes chakras as:
Seven energy pools in the body
Can be blocked by an emotional mark
To unblock the chakras Aang has to let go of the emotional mark
Aang is able to open all the chakras but the last one, that is blocked by earthly attachments.
Breaks stereotype of detached monk
Shows monks strive to follow the Buddhist ideals every day, not that they automatically or magically achieve them
The Guru himself upholds the Western Stereotype of an Oriental Monk
“Other” attire

The Crossroads of Destiny
Aang and his friends try to stop Azula from achieving her plans of taking over Ba Sing Se.
When fighting Azula, the Dai Li, and Zuko, Aang realizes there are too many foes against him and Katara. He decides to try to unlock his last chakra and to go into the Avatar State.
Lets go of earthly attachments
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