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The Rules of Capitalization

No description

Scott Plimpton

on 3 March 2013

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Transcript of The Rules of Capitalization

Regions of the United States
and other regions.
-Not simple directions. Capitalize: Bob, David, Sherman, the Johnson family, the Plimptons
Don't capitalize: boy, girl, sister, cousin, grandma, etc - family
Sentences: Hi Mom! Hello Dad. My mother and father are busy. Names of specific people Capitalize: Friday, February, Passover, Easter.
Don't capitalize: winter, spring, summer, fall, autumn. Days of the week, months,
and holidays.
-Don't capitalize seasons. Ranks and titles.
-Only used with a
particular person's name. Capitalize: Doctor Smith, Aunt Kathy, General Grant.
Don't capitalize: my doctor, my aunt, and the army's general. Names of specific teams and clubs Capitalize: Clippers, the Democratic Party.
Don't capitalize: That is my favorite hockey team. I was born in the Midwest, but I grew up in the North (US).
Don't capitalize: I live in the north side of this county. by Owen Plimpton The Rules of Capitalization Historical Periods Capitalize: the Renaissance, the Middle Ages, the Civil War, World War II.
Don't Capitalize: That war went on for five years! We live in the age of electronics. Religions, nationalities, races of people, languages, countries, and adjectives related to those countries. Capitalize: Christianity, Jews, African Americans, British, Sweden, Swiss cheese. Religious names Capitalize: God, Jehovah, Allah, the Bible, the Koran
Don't capitalize: There were many gods and goddesses in ancient myths. Specific school courses.
-Don't capitalize general subjects. Capitalize: I'm taking Spanish and Algebra II
Don't capitalize: I'm taking algebra and science. Names of specific schools, businesses, organizations, buildings. Capitalize: Swanson Middle School, my Apple Computer
Don't capitalize: The school is very old. My computer is fast. Brand Names Honda Odyssey, X Box, Pop Tarts. Names of Planets and Galaxies.
-Not the sun or moon and sometimes not earth. Capitalize: Andromeda Galaxy, Mercury, Venus, Earth (Only capitalized when referred to as on of the planets.).
Don't capitalize: It is a full moon tonight. Seven billion people live on the earth. Letters that stand alone Capitalize: J-walk, T-shirt, X-ray, B on the test. Cities, states, provinces, countries, cities, rivers, oceans, streets, parks, etc.
Capitalize: North Dakota, the Mississippi River, Atlantic Ocean, North Potomac Street, Central Park, Great Salt Lake, Appalachian Mountains.
Don't capitalize: The mountain is high. The trench is deep. Geographic locations
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