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Marc Jacobs

No description

Carly Ralston

on 4 May 2014

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Transcript of Marc Jacobs

Signature Styles
Spring 2012: Menswear, professional/tailored jackets, ruffles on skirts and blouses, activewear

Fall 2012: Large hats, emphasis on the hips, bold colors, large coats, fur

Spring 2013: Stripes, menswear, professional wear, 60's/70's inspiration, classic styles

Fall 2013: Hot pants, oversized coats, structured pieces, fur, masculine cuts, metallic fabrics

Spring 2014: Oriental inspiration, emphasis on the shoulders, masculine cuts, men-inspired shorts
Born: In NYC on April 9, 1963

-Jacobs went on to attended Parsons School of Design where he received some of the schools highest awards and honors

-Jacobs began his career in the fashion industry in 1986 with the launch of his first collection

-He was awarded the honor of being the youngest designer ever to be awarded The Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) Perry Ellis Award for New Fashion Talent

-In 1989 he began working for Perry Ellis as VP of Women’s Designs. In 1993 Jacobs along with his business partner Robert Duffy launched their own licensing and design company: Marc Jacobs International Company, L.P.

-Four years later Jacobs and Duffy joined Louis Vuitton, Jacobs as Artistic Director. That same year they opened the first free standing Marc Jacobs store in New York’s Soho district. He introduced a second line in 2001, Marc by Marc Jacobs.

-Over the next 5 years they continued to open new stores and venture into different fashion venues, including eyewear, fragrance, and swimwear..

-In October of 2013, Jacobs left Louis Vuitton as creative director.

Target Market
Age range 18-35

People who are interested in an "urban look"

Young and trendy individuals

Marketing Strategies
- Elegant, Classy, Exclusive, and upscale

- Edgy, playful, sophisticated, and colorful

*For promotion he uses social media, celebrities, fashion week events, parties, and charity*
Survey of UGA students--Would you wear the dress? To what occasion?

Upcycled Dress
How does the dress fit into the Fall 2014 collection?
Step-by-step Creative & Design Process
Current Trends
Spring 2012
Fall 2012
Spring 2013
Fall 2013
Spring 2014
Fall 2014
Collection over Career
Spring and Fall 2013
Spring and Fall 2014
Spring and Fall 2012
Spring 2012
Fall 2012
Spring 2013
Fall 2013
Spring 2014
Fall 2014
Marc Jacobs and Celebs
"No. Because the shape of the dress wouldn't look good on me."-Bailey McGhee
The Nature Conservancy’s ‘Plant A Seed – Grow Your Tree And Save The Forest’ campaign. The campaign was started to inform people of the erosion taking place in the Brazilian Atlantic Forest.
"Yes I would wear it! Maybe to a formal?" -Caitlin Woody
"I would wear it because it's different...and I could wear my dark purple lipstick to match it!"- Rebecca Baskam
"The dress length would be cute with heels, but I wouldn't be caught dead in the leggings underneath!"-Catherine
Tory Burch
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