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No description

Laura Ruth Pasek

on 11 May 2014

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Transcript of A2TimeBank

A time bank works to connect people.
A time bank allows for members to buy and sell skills using their own time as currency
Members can earn hours by sharing their skills with others
Members can spend hours by receiving services from others
What is a time bank?
honoring every person
and the skills they contribute

serving others and allowing
others to serve us

listening and being
accountable to one another
Core Values
You are going to Florida for the holidays (lucky you!). You need someone to feed Chester, your cat. With a time bank, you can put up your request, and find a neighbor willing to offer this service.

Your neighbor (who fed Chester) needs a ride to the airport. It only takes about an hour to drop someone off at DTW. Instead of paying a cab $70 for a ride or paying parking fees, they can request a ride in the time bank.

"If we all did the things we are really capable of doing, we would literally astound ourselves."
- Thomas Edison
How a time bank can be used:
A time bank matches your skills and talents with needs in the community.

Through A2TimeBank, we hope to:
• build a strong sense of community
• get to know our neighbors
• provide equal access to specialized skills
• affirm each other’s contributions
• support and care for one another
• provide a platform to try new ideas
• allow us to teach & serve others
• develop our skills
Why start a time bank?
Building social, economic, and
environmental sustainability
through skill sharing

The short answer: any skills!

Here are a few that might be offered:

Computer support
Gardening/yard work
What skills could be offered?
How can I sign up?
Start by going to A2timebank.org

Apply to become part of the time bank.
Click on "Member Login"
Click on "click here to join"

Fill out your application. $10 suggested donation and 1 hour donation is asked of each member.
Fill out your profile, including what skills you are offering and requesting. Be as specific as possible.

Any questions? Call the time bank coordinator at 734-369-4581 or email info@a2timebank.org

Friendly favors already happen all over, and especially in our community.

A time bank leverages our generous nature and organizes our efforts. Instead of being limited by a straight exchange (I do something for you, you do something for me), time banks tap into the vast talents that exist in our midst.

Another example: Our friends had a large wood countertop they needed to cut to size. We have a table saw and some woodworking skills. Together, we worked to customize the piece.

Our friends will "pay it forward" by helping another person in the community.
We are already doing this!
building a stronger community through support, trust, & networking

honoring and rewarding all types of work
Massage therapy
Pet care
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