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In Text Citations

No description

Cynthia Reynolds

on 19 May 2011

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Transcript of In Text Citations

Protecting yourself from plagiarism What is Citing? A way to show what sources you used for your research Required whenever you use outside sources Books Articles websites The only to avoid plagiarism! What should you cite? Anything not common knowledge Information that has been summarized (or put in your own words to describe something) Information directly quoted What citations do you need? Types of citations 1 2 In-text Reference page aka bibliography Contains many more details Found in body of paper Contains brief information about the source Images that you did not create or are not readily available Every paper needs both types of citations! In-text Citations Quote To use an author’s exact words, exactly as stated in the original text, surrounded in “quotes” To summarize the words of another; to use someone else’s ideas in your own words How does it work? Paraphrase:

Supply the author’s
last name and the
year of publication,
in parenthesis

(Morrow, 2009) Quote:

Supply the author’s last
name, the year of
publication, AND the page
number in parenthesis

(Simmons, 2010, p. 12) Methods of Paraphrasing 1 2 3 Look away from the source, then write Read the text you want to paraphrase several times until you feel that you understand it and can use your own words Look away from the original and rewrite
the text in your own words Take notes Take abbreviated notes; set the notes
aside; then paraphrase from the notes
a day or so later While looking at the source, first change the structure, then the words Eliminate & change phrases or order Use synonyms or a phrase that
expresses the same meaning Paraphrase Original Text:
It was claimed that Jay Gould was the first of the robber barons, who operated in financial and industrial markets with little regard to ethical behavior. There was little he wouldn’t consider to further his ambitions. The issuing of watered stock, attempts to corner the gold market, strikebreaking and bribery are just a few of the famous examples of the strategies he used.

Jay Gould was said to be the first robber baron of the financial and industrial markets. He would do just about anything to get ahead including strikebreaking and bribery (Lipczynski, 2007). Paraphrasing Example Original Text:
Morgan’s financial power was so immense that he was even able to steady the U.S. economy when it was threatened with a financial panic in 1907.

Direct Quote:
“Morgan’s financial power was so immense that he was even able to steady the U.S. economy when it was threatened with a financial panic in 1907” (Lypczynski, 2007, p. 63). Quoting Example Mixing the Elements It is not necessary to have the citation at
the end of the paraphrase/quote as long all
of the elements are present.

According to Lypczynski (2007) “Morgan’s
financial power was so immense that he was
even able to steady the U.S. economy when
it was threatened with a financial panic in 1907” (p. 63). Don't have all the information? No author?
Use the first couple of
words of the title instead
Add quotation marks
(“The Basics,” 2009) No date?
Use n.d.
(Faulkner, n.d.)
(Beatty, n.d., p. 28) No page number?
Use paragraph number
for websites or html articles
(Johnson, 2006, para. 8) ? Questions? Contact your librarian!
Ask Ras LLC (instant messaging from library resources page)
Email us: librarians@rasmussen.edu
Text-a-Librarian: 66746 askllc Need more assistance? Rate this workshop for your chance to win
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