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West Africa

No description

Emily Vienrich

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of West Africa

West Africa:]
By:EmilySuee Phyical Geography Traditional People Goverment Popular Culture Countries in West Africa:Benin,Burkina Faco,Gambia,Ghana,Guinea,Guinea Bissa,Ivorry Coast,Liberia,Mail,Mountians,Niger,Nigeria,Senganm,Sierra Leane,And Togo West Africa Is Located Between Atlantic Ocean.It Has Desert,Rivers,And Forest Approxementsly 131.5 Million People Live There.Nigeria is The Largest Population In Africa,Ghana with Almost 22.1 Millon,Also Ranks Highest Population.When Rural Villagers First Came To The City,Many Stay with Members Of Thier Extened Family The Main City Denell is Who Support New coners From Home villages Is Kawsi Oduro Of Accre Villagers In Sengal Live In Round huts. Carry Various to thier Village On There Head Bark On These Is Very Important to Locate Eonomies Prezerr Traditions From Generation To Another.Harvest Caco/K-Grade Are In Are;Unit With Our Teachers.Soccer Is On Important Sport There. Visit?? Yes i would Like To visit West Africa to See all The Diffrent Places And Exploar All The Beautiful Places.Site Seeing is Nice To.Over looking How The Peoples Lifes Styles Are INteresting:] The Goverment Of Wast Africa Is Constututional De Moceauy,Multiparty Republic,Republic,And Federater Republic
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