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Naked Juice

No description

Natalie Martella

on 14 November 2013

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Transcript of Naked Juice

Naked Juice COMING to Singapore
By: Shane' George, Nathan Hammer, Natalie Martella, Anthony Nesmo
Naked Juice, a leader in the super-premium juice category, was founded and first marketed on the beaches of Santa Monica, Calif., in 1983.
Naked is a wholly owned subsidiary of the global beverage company PepsiCo
Naked Juice brand is now marketed in the United Kingdom and Canada as well.
21 different fruit and veggie smoothie flavors and variety of 4 coconut water
“The beverages in the Naked Juice line of all-natural, 100-percent juices, fruit juice smoothies and protein smoothies are made from the best bare-naked fruits and boosts with no added sugar or preservatives.”
Mission Statement
“We know a healthy body doesn’t mean much without a healthy world to live in. That’s why at Naked we make sure that all our products make an impact that will enhance your life and the planets”
Vision Statement
SWOT Analysis
Naked Juice makes sure that all of the information and knowledge regarding their products is available to customers
“nothing to hide”
Naked Juice is highly valued by health conscious customers. All fruit and veggie hand inspected.
Naked Juice is continuously looking for ways to change and adapt to the wants of their customers.
Eco Friendly
Ability to only produce juice and juice smoothies
High price compared to competitors
Limited Availability
Low brand awareness
People from Singapore value brand loyalty
Health trends are on the rise around the world and within Singapore
Continue to adapt product to customer wants
Adding vitamins and nutrients to smoothies, flavors
Increase availability: airports, hotels, and vending machines
Offer in bulk at grocery stores
Leverage their well-known parent company’s brand PepsiCo
Highly competitive juice beverage market
Higher priced product may deter buyers
State of the economy, fluctuating prices
Barriers to entry
Marketing Research
Naked Juice target market is young professionals and health conscious people aged 20 to 44
Singapore’s total population was 5.31 million as at end-June 2012
According to Singstat.gov both men and women age 20-44 make up 32.7% of Singapore total population
The majority of the Singapore population is divided up between 5 regions including Bedok, Jurong West, Tampines, Woodlands, and Hougang
Target Demographics
People from Singapore spend about 22% of their annual budget on food/drinks

Emerging trend in Singapore where they are willing to spend more for things that they desire

Additionally, people from Singapore value well-known brand names for the prestige and image
Consumer Profile
Today people from Singapore are much more educated, well-traveled, and sophisticated
As a result, sales of premium and luxury goods increased by 18% between 2006 and 2010 (http://www.pwc.com/en_GX/gx/retail-consumer/pdf/singapore.pdf)

Increasingly leading hectic lifestyles, and do not have time to prepare cooked meals
Looking at purchasing processed and packaged foods which require limited preparation
Health conscious consumers demanding non-carbonated drinks with low-sugar content, bottled water, bottled tea and fruit and vegetable juices
The two leading players in fruit/vegetable juice in Singapore, Malaysia Dairy Industries Pte (MDI) and F&N Foods (S) Pte Ltd, accounted for 52% of off-trade volume sales in 2011.
Each company offers a wide variety of fruit/vegetable juice brands and flavors in premium and standard alternatives
Competitive Landscape
Naked Juice targets consumers ages 25 to 35, young professionals who are health-conscious, active and balanced in their food choices.
They also appeal to environmental friendly people with their “Bottle Reincarnation” campaign.
They started an advertising campaign to attract to women ages 18-25 in the Northeast, Midwest, and Mid Atlantic region.
Argumentation for targeting these markets
The brand promises that they will have no added sugar or preservatives in any of their line of products.
They present an affordable and unique way for customers to maintain healthy eating habits in an on-the-go environment.
Naked Juice has many restrictions and specifications they need to follow. On every bottle they need to list their ingredients, protein, and calorie count.
Specifications and qualifications
They have product lines of all different textures; soft liquid drink, smoothie, and coconut water.
They provide a pound of either fruits or vegetables in every bottle. So people can cut out the fast food in their life and replace that quick meal with a Naked Juice
Naked Juices uses a flash pasteurization to clean their Fruit and vegetable product. This is different from any other heat pasteurization process; it involves heating the juice to a high temperature for at least 15 seconds and then starts a rapidly cooling.
They work with LEED-certified bottling facility to make sure every bottle is 100 percent post recycled and renewable.
Technical details and standard
They work with a nonprofit organization, The Rainforest Alliance, to make sure they are conserving biodiversity for all of our neighborhoods and protecting our wild life.
They Promote that they promise they have “Nothing to Hide” and that they will not add any sugar or preservatives, in this advertisement they ask for in return “Your Naked Truth”.
Quality assurance
Naked Juice uses the products benefits, sex appeal and humor as consistent themes of their advertisements by using the pun “Get Naked”.
Criteria for target markets
They run their ads on the TV channels with programs aimed toward women such as during Project Runways or Desperate House Wives. They are also in national magazines that more women read.
Criteria for market sector selection
Naked has been entirely a West Coast brand

Since they started to expand with manufacturing it has been successful in the East Coast markets.

Naked is working its way onto the shelves across America and now even has their product in the UK and Canada.
Defining the distribution channels.
The regulations regarding processed foods are relatively rigorous and importers are required to source products from regulated establishments where, the food is produced under proper sanitary conditions.
AVA requirements
“submit certified-true-copy documents, from the food safety authority of the USA, certifying that the imported food product is produced or manufactured by a licensed or regulated premises”.
Sale of Food Act (SFA) rules which include:
Expiration Dates
Labeling Requirements
Ingredient Labeling
Go through an inspection for health and safety reasons
health certificate that contains a description of the product, the quantity or weight of the item, and the name and address of the processing establishment, cosigner and consignee.
The final most important certification that we would have to obtain before doing business in Singapore would be HACCP.
certification that most importers need to show high levels of safety processes and standards for their products and shipping process.
Create Desire

not only introduce the original flavors to the market but expand the variety with tropical fruits such as guava, lychee fruit, mango and star fruit.
high quality, all natural beverage that is healthy for both the body and environment.
bottles are made from100% recycled material and are 100% natural.
Add the ingredients and expiration date to the bottle
individually sell the products as we already do over in the
bottle in the square shape with multiple bright colors to separate ourselves from competitors.
Cost Insurance and Freight (CIF)
Terms of Delivery
Bottom-up Costs
Shipping Cost
Distribution/Warehousing Costs
Import Permit
Custom Formalities/Licenses
Goods and Payments
Insurance Coverage
Promotion Costs
Terms of Payment
Credit, Cash
Insurance coverage
Marine Insurance: ACE Insuring Progress
Trade Credit Insurance: AON
Currency Aspects
Singapore Dollar and US Dollar
Point of Export: San Pedro, CA
Destination: Port of Singapore
Distribution Channel
USA=Great Reputation
Media Selection: Phil Mickelson and Denise Keller
Billboards Event Sponsoring
T.V. Ads
Mobile Ads (taxis)
Social Media
Core Message: no extra add-ins, 100% Naked
Local Agency: TYA Singapore
Marketing and Financial Objectives
Costs $1.10 to make Naked Juice
5 Million Bottles 2013-14
6 Million Bottles 2015-17
Promotion Costs: $238,448.55 per year
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