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Being Different

Searching 9, Chapter 5

Svein Sæterbø

on 29 January 2018

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Transcript of Being Different

being different
Achievements/ Goals
Being different
At school:
First week (of being different)
Different present tenses?
Vi bruker
presens samtidsform

The present continuous
Being different, punk?
Listen to the text.

Do task
and task
at page 111.
Text B. Letter to the Editor (p. 110)
Being Different
Searching 9, Chapter 5
Being different, much?
Task 8
C. Young Talk
The present simple
English is different
The present simple = presens (vanlig nåtid)
What difference does it make?
At school
Second week (of being different)
how to talk about and discuss difference
about prejudice
how to write about being different
the present simple and the present continuous
to write Letters to the Editor and magazine articles
• Texts A,B and C , p. 106-111
• Task 1 ABC, p 109
• Task 5 A, page 111
• Task 7, page 111

At home:
• Read the texts
• Write down and learn new words
• Task 2, page 109
Listen to what some young people say about being different and about bullying.

Your teacher will give you a worksheet.
I play, you play, he plays osv.
Samme som infinitiv, men legger til
når subjektet i setningen er
To jump.
I jump. She jumps.
Om infinitiven ender på
, og
, legger vi til
: dress - he dress
, box, she box
Hvis infinitiven ender på
, forandres
og endingen blir -ies: I try - she tries. I cry - he cries.
(Presens samtidsform)
- Om noe som skjer akkurat nå : She is walking to school
Når vi bruker samtidsformen
, trekker vi ofte sammen pronomenet og

a kind of different poem
F. The Diary without a Key
At home
• Texts D, E, F, p 112-117
• Focus on Language, page 122:
The present simple and the present continuous
• Task L1, L2, L3, page 123

• Read the texts
• Write down and learn new words
• Task L4 and L5, page 123

Read text D: A Newspaper Report (p112)
How will you explain the word DIFFERENT?
Do you know any celebrities that are "different"? How?
Let'r try something different: Role play
There is a new boy/girl in your class who doesn't feel welcome. The other pupils don't want to work with him/her during lessons and he/she is left on his/her own in the breaks. The teacher feels that something has to be done and gathers the new boy/girl and two other pupils to discuss the problem and find solutions. Roleplay the discussion and come up with different ways to solve the problem.
Why is it, Glenis,
Please answer me this,
The only time
You ever stop talking in class
Is if I ask you
Where's the Khyber Pass ?
Or when was the Battle of Waterloo?
Or what is nine times three?
Or how do you spell
Mississippi ?
Why is it, Glenis,
The only time you are silent
Is when I ask you a question?

Allan Ahlberg
Matilda is different
Read this text. (Page 116)
G. The Reader of Books
Extra: Task 10, page 113
Which witch is different?
Read this text. (Page 118)
H. Witch Child
Write a text about this chapter's theme:
Tasks & Exercises
Sometimes different is beautiful
At school:
Third Week of Being Different (Ch. 5)

Read/listen to text
G “
The Reader of Books
” p.116-117.
H “
Witch Child
” p.118-120.
• Task 15 p.117 and 16 p.121.
• Questions to ask yourself p.125.
• Glossary test + grammar (simple present/simple continous) from ch. 5.

Finish all exercises and tasks for this chapter
Write down new words connected to text G and H.
Practice new words from ch. 5.
Be prepared... for anything...

What does it mean to "Be Different"? (Information Text...?)
Write a review of Chapter 5. Which texts did you like the most?
"Being Different" - A Short Story
The Last Lesson with Chapter 5
A different hairstyle
Take a Chapter Test (almost a "lekseprøve").
You may use your rough book when doing this. (Use your notes, rules and words you have written down).
When you have finished the test: Read the text
"Growing up in the 1960s"
, page 242
Want to improve your grades? Hand in writing assignment on Fronter.
MONDAY January 29th
Text H. Witch Child
Task 15. page 117 and 16 p. 121
Questions to ask yourself p. 125
Practise words.
Finish ALL tasks at page 123

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