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No description

Hariish Vasvanthan

on 23 January 2014

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Transcript of SKRILLEX

Early life

-He was born on January 15, 1988

-His Birth name is Sonny John Moore

-Sonny was born in Los Angeles, California, U.S

-He moved to Forest hill, San Francisco at the age of two, later he moved back to Los Angeles and attended an elementary school

- At the age of 10,Sonny Attended a boarding school. Then at the age of 12, he went to a private school, specializing in the arts.

-At the age of 14, he was home schooled due to bullying

-His mother's name is Francis Moore and father's name is Scott Moore

-In 2004,Sonny was contracted to Matt Good, from the band "from first to last"

-He was in the band for 3 years

-Sonny was the guitarist, and later was the lead singer

-Due to throat problems, he decided to resign the band,pursuing a solo career

In 2008,he began producing and performing under the name of Skrillex, in night clubs in the L.A area

-In 2009 he released Gypsyhook,which featured three songs and four remixes

-In June 7, 2010 he released his first song "My name is Skrillex" as a free download, he also released "Scary monster and nice sprites", both were very successful

Achievements and other information
Thanks for watching
By:Skrillex (Steven and Hariish's favourite)
Solo Career

Skrillex inspired many artists like Zedd (another famous artist)

-Skrillex was inspired by wrap, another electronic music artist

-Skrillex won 6 grammy awards, for his music

-The most popular song is Bangarang with about 177,824,276 views on youtube

Interesting facts
-On January 15,2013, Skrillex set his hair on fire, at his birthday party while blowing out the candles

-Dubstep is a type of dance music, and is very popular now a days.

-Skrillex uses a synthesizer, and also makes electronic and post hardcore music

-Skrillex has an acne problem, he has
hair on one side to cover it, but he
shaved the other side to be more
conferable with himself

-On December 12, 2011, he was named the
best electronic dance music (dubstep)
artist of the year`
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