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JFRD CAD Dashboard

No description

Steve Herczeg

on 10 September 2013

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Transcript of JFRD CAD Dashboard

JFRD CAD Dashboard
JFRD CAD Dashboard
ITD’s GIS group created a “dashboard” for the Jacksonville Fire Rescue Division (JFRD) which combines all JFRD’s key dispatch decision making elements. This system provides a view on large, constantly running screens showing a map view with all current CAD calls, Fire response zones (“TAZ’s”), and all Fire and Emergency response vehicles based on GPS enabled location.

This system visually presents a map with the locations of the CAD calls and all of JFRD’s response units, as well as a sidebars showing CAD call detail (time, description of emergency, assigned vehicles, etc.) and vehicle data (including speed, type, current status, call assigned to, etc.)

The main thrust of the system is current, dynamically updated data being shown on the fly (an “active” dashboard) which assists CAD dispatchers and executive management in decision making. For example, it assists in determining or confirming the location of units regarding proximity to emergencies, shows graphically the ongoing level and progress of response units towards / on a call, and allows confirmation that the automated CAD assignment system is selecting appropriate units for response. It also allows a quick view or roll-up of all vehicles based on “status”, showing for example, vehicles that are on-site at a call, or en-route to a call or to the hospital.

The JFRD CAD Dashboard serves the sub-commanders for Fire and Emergency response with a view of only their vehicles and CAD call responsibilities with a click of a button. This is one of several tailored views based on filtering options which deliver targeted intelligence based, for example, on units under their area of responsibility at a glance.

Stations and Hydrants
Multiple Dimensions of Understanding
The Dashboard allows dispatchers to pick a vehicle or a CAD call (in the table OR on the map)
... or to "follow" (by clicking) a vehicle and see which call is being responded to
"Following" provides real time updates on the progress of emergency vehicles to the call, the hospital, or other intended destination
"Status" allows user to know whether vehicle is "available", on-scene, en-route, or other, moment by moment
Detail Understanding of Emergencies
Allows dispatchers to see visually where the emergency is as well as get detail on every 911 call
Quick Answers Which Make Visual Sense
A dispatcher can find out specifics about the CAD call by clicking icon on the map
Faster and more intuitive than text / record based detail
Many Combined Elements
The full view
Facilitates rapid understanding and decision making
Customization for Management
Several search/view options allow Chiefs and dispatchers to see only what is relevant to them
Battalion, vehicle, and District "filters" allow for focused analysis and understanding of the dynamic vehicle situation as it happens
Similarly, the dispatcher or manager can find out specifics about a Fire Truck or EMS by clicking icon on the map
Much faster and more intuitive!
Clickable icons allow users to quickly identify and get detail about Fire Stations
Visual reference helps understand the area of coverage; especially in combination with CAD call icons
Similarly, hydrants become visible at close range to allow Fire fighters to better understand their options for positioning their equipment
Each hydrant can be clicked to learn more, updated detail about flow, maintenance status, etc.
CAD Call Detail
Extensive information regarding each call coexists with all the other critical components
This is needed to understand how best to serve the victim
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