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Jamin Chen

A presentation of the Schlieffen Plan.

Stephen Spizarny

on 20 November 2017

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Transcript of Jamin Chen

Best Memes of 2017
You get it.
FIdGet SPinNer
Stop It.
Schlieffen Plan
Pokemon Go
The Creator
General Count Alfred von Schlieffen
In December 1905 Alfred von Schlieffen created the Schlieffen Plan.
The Plan
The plan was to launch an attack against France after Russia starts to gather forces due to politcal tension.
Why Though?
France had the most advanced technology out of the Triple Entente.
The Plan
Part 2
After Germany beats France, Britain should be reluctant to join the fight.
Germany then has the resources to take on Russia, effectively beating the triple entente in one swoop.
The Plan
Part 3
The Sclieffen Plan is a plan that Germany made to take out their main threat at the time, the triple entente.
Russia determined when Germany would attack France. Even if Germany was unprepared.
If Russia took less than 6 weeks to get ready, Germany would be in a bad place.
It assumed that Germany could defeat France in less than 6 weeks.
How It Turned Out For Germany
(Not good is the answer)
When the plan was put into action, it actually started off working very well.
The Plan Part 4
First Germany had to go through Belgium, either with force or negotiation.
Until the August of 1914, in which the turning point of the war started, with the Allies stopping Germany at the Battle of Marne.
After stopping Germany, the Allies launched a counter-attack, crushing the weakened German army.
Reasons Germany Lost the Battle of Marne
Germany needed more troops to stop Russia's attack, giving them less troops then they had originally planned.
The US bolstering the Allies's defenses were too much for Germany to handle.
Poor communication between the commanders and what was going on the battlefield didn't help either.
http://www.firstworldwar.com/features/germanyduringww1.htm#The Schlieffen Plan
By: Jamin Chen 8A
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