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Isaac Animals of the Rainforest

No description


on 27 March 2014

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Transcript of Isaac Animals of the Rainforest

Emerald Tree Boa
by:Isaac Almeida
Ms.Lisa's 3 grade
Creatures Name and Description

Emerald tree boas are a relay long snake it is 5-6.5ft.
Emerald tree boas are very green as emerald green. They
live in Arboreal rainforest. They are very camouflaged!

Interesting Facts
Emerald tree boas are very strong and they can sufficate you!
It can open its mouth very wide
It is nocturnal because its eye can see in the dark
My animal useses a lot of adaptations like: Its green scales that help it camouflage
Animals of the Rainforest
How your animal is in danger
My animal is in danger because people use my animal as soup,bracelets and even clothes.
Interdependenec with limited recoursec
The rainforest is an interdependent ecosystem with limited recourse. My creature the,Emerald tree boa depends on other living things for its survival.
I depend on pigmy marmoset, birds and gibbons.
Harpy eagles and jaguars depend on me because they eat me.
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