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Business Model Canvas

No description

David Boucher

on 8 June 2018

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Transcript of Business Model Canvas

Disaster Service Learning

David Boucher

Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Administration and Leadership Studies
LDRS 810: Nonprofit Management

Revenue Streams
Key Partners
Value Proposition
Cost Structure
Customer Segments
Customer Relationships
Build trust and credibility with past, current, and future students.

Establish connections with VOADs that can lead to further partnerships.

Stay in contact with colleges and universities to maintain awareness of the program availability.
Student can gain academic credit for the internship.

VOADs agree to provide room and board for the student volunteer while they are interning.

Collaborate with academia through the internship or experiential learning office at the student's college.
Key Resources
Osterwalder, Alexander; Pigneur, Yves. (2013). Business Model Generation. Hoboken, NJ: Wiley.

Official application with MatterLearn, registration with the college, and an internship agreement with the VOAD.

An assigned Guide stays with the student from the start to the end of the internship.

Weekly follow up contacts with students.
The student pays for the credits at their college.

A small fee is attached to the semester bill to support the student through the internship.

The VOAD contributes to supporting the student based on the agreement and based on the students credentials.
Matching students who need experience with Volunteer Organizations Active in Disasters (VOAD) who need skilled volunteers.

Multidiscipline approach allows MatterLearn to draw from many different fields of study.

May include healthcare, social work, emergency management, engineering, political science, etc.
Students that need or want practical experience in their field with meaningful participation.

VOADs that need specialized skills like certified counselor or paramedic credentials.

Colleges and universities that want a streamlined internship resource for their experiential learning department.
Key Activities
Matching students with learning opportunities that matter to them.

Guiding students along the process with key partners.

Following up with all partners to ensure all unmet needs are identified and addressed.
What questions can I answer?
Guides are part-time employees that have graduated from the program.

All interactions are facilitated through the MatterLearn website, email, and telephone.

Social media platforms to engage students, colleges, and VOADs.
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