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Foundation for Muslim Broadcasting Company

No description

Katja Nagelkerke

on 14 April 2010

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Transcript of Foundation for Muslim Broadcasting Company

Foundation for Muslim Broadcasting
(S.M.O.N) The founding of the S.M.O.N. NMO The First Islamic Broadcasting System NIO March 2010 SAI + SMON SMON: The New Muslim Broadcasting Company! The Organisation Mission: Vision:

Target group 1. Everyone who is connected with the Muslimsociety or is a Muslim. 2. The Muslim and Dutch Youth, and the Dutch persons who are interested in the Muslimsociety. The Problem: What's the cause of the problem? What is the core problem? What happens if there is no solution for the problem? When is the problem solved? How can we build a strong identity without being associated with previous Muslim Broadcasting Companies? - How do we make sure there aren't internal conflicts? - What is the best method to reach our targetgroup with our new identity? Identity Current Image and Identity Desired Image and Identity The Issue: Identity objective: Shareholders - SAI
- Commission for the Media
- The goverment
- The Dutch Muslim Council
Communication Strategy Internal External Message:
We want to communicate to our target audience that it’s time for the Muslims to cooperate for better circumstances in the society.
We can show the Dutch society the truth about Muslims and together we can make a change.
We want to position the SMON as a broadcasting company who wants to fight for Muslims on terms of politics, religion and culture.
Concept: Proud to be a Muslim! Fight for your rights as a Dutch Muslim! Posters Television Radio Internet Communication Objective: Knowledge Attitude Behaviour The Media Mix Media Development Media Objective Medium Specific Character Core Question: How do we make sure that the image of the SMON will be known and appreciated amongst muslims, youth and Dutch people in the Netherlands? Organisation objective
Force Field Analysis Thank you for your attention,
Any questions?
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