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Tokyo Stock Exchange

No description

Abishaya Prabaharan

on 5 March 2014

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Transcript of Tokyo Stock Exchange

Technical error caused the exchange to close for four and a half hours
Mizuho typing error resulted in a net loss of 347 million US Dollars

"Livedoor" Shock
January 17, 2006
Merger of TSE and Osaka Securities Exchange
Shuts Down: August 9, 1945
Reopens: May 16, 1949
Tokyo Stock Price Index (TOPIX)
July 1, 1969
The Tokyo Stock Exchange is Established
Tokyo Stock Exchange
November 22, 2011
By: Sameen Reaz & Abishaya Prabaharan
Japanese Securities Exchange is Formed
November 26, 1990
Start of Electronic Trading
April 30, 1999
Technical Error:
November 1, 2005
Mizuho Error:
December 8, 2005
Thank You for Listening!
May 15, 1878

TSE Before and Now
June 30, 1943
established under the direction of finance minister Okuma Shigenobu and capitalist advocate Shibusawa Eiichi
trading offically began on July 1, 1878
Tokyo Stock Exchange's Performance
Japanese Securities Exchange Law enacted in March 1943
consisted 11 stock exchanges
closed after the Nagasaki bombing in 1947
Nagasaki bombing caused TSE to shut down
Reopened with its' current name "Tokyo Shoken TorihSikijo"
Used to indicate financial condition of Japanese stock market; considered the best
Floor Order Routing and Execution System (FORES)
Computerized processing system for small orders
FORES is Introduced
Tokyo Stock Exchange
November 11, 1999
Trading floor closed; moved to an electronic environment
Tokyo Stock Exchange Video
Market Of The High Growth and EmeRging Stocks
Provides funds and more diversified investment funds
"Livedoor shock" causes trade volume to increase over computer's maximum capacity of 4.5 million trades/day
TSE is forced to close
TSE merges with Osaka Securities Exchange
Japan's Largest Exchange Group

Work Cited List
Nikkei 225 Index
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