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ABDC Crews

No description

Brandon Hatchett

on 12 May 2011

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Transcript of ABDC Crews

ABDC Crews Season 1 Winners Season 2 Winners Season 3 Winner Season 4 Winners Season 5 Winners JabbaWockeeZ Quest Crew We Are Heroes Season 1 Season 2 Season 3 Season 5 Status Quo, Kaba Modern, BreakSk8, Fysh N Chicks,
Live In Color, ICONic, Femme 5, Enigma Dance Kru SoReal Cru, Fanny Pak, Boogie Bots, Supreme Soul, A.S.I.I.D.,
Phresh Select, Xtreme Dance Force, Sass x7, Distorted X Beat Freaks, Fly Khicks, Strikers All-Stars, Dynamic Edition,
Ringmasters, Team Millennia, Boxcuttuhz, G.O.P. Dance AfroBoriké, Massive Monkees, Rhythm City, Vogue Evolution,
Beat Ya Feet Kings, Southern Movement, Artistry In Motion, Fr3sh Blueprint Cru, Hype 5-0, Jungle Boogie, Saltare,
Heavy Impact, Static Noyze, Royal Flush, Swagger Crew Season 4 Poreotix Swaggerboy Phi Kid Rainen Keibee Cristyle Emajoenation/Punkee B-Tek Hok Ryanimay D-Trix Steve Feng Victor Sfffeee Rocket Man Brian Lydia Ali Mami Hiro Nichelle Riqdiculous Licky From Los Angeles ,California From Las Vegas, Nevada From Westminster, California From Los Angeles ,California From San Diego, California Sample of their greatest dances Sample of their greatest dances Sample of their greatest dances Sample of their greatest dances Sample of their greatest dances Dumbo Can Charles Jet-Li Law Chad
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