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The Yellow River valley

The ancient chinese civilization

Kalum Casson

on 2 December 2012

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Transcript of The Yellow River valley

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli Yellow River Kalum Ben Justin The Ancient Civilization Bamboo is one of the resources that is plentiful in the yellow river valley. We as a civilization use it to make rope, and buildings. Also we will occasionally use it to make goods such as jewelry or a canvas for art. Nolan Land is on necessity for the people of the yellow river valley. We are constantly looking for new land to colonize and develop to make our towns and cities. Nobles and lords will be granted land from the king or ruler of their area in exchange for this grant they will make the land prosper and flourish.
-villages and cities
-roads or canals for irrigation and transportation.
- population.
-Trade with other cities. The Shang are the main people of the yellow river. They hold the capital city of Anyang the biggest city in the yellow river. The shang are the biggest civilization in the area and they are continuing expansion to build new homes and places for people like you. The city of Anyang was majestic holding thousands of people living in a confortable and clean environment. It has specialized workers each skilled in what they do. If you want a new pot for the house stop by one of our world class markets and pick on up. Not only that but check out some of the goods that we have in stock made everyday for you. For desert we have a huge array of delicious fruits to make your mouth water as well as bee's honey and milk cream to make a delicious mouth watering taste. Looking for food we got it. We have delicious and well made meals made from only the freshest ingredients. Freshly caught fish and meat with natural vegetables farmed to the finiest make a delicious meal anyday. 3995B.C.E Civilization begins to form around yellow river valley. 4100B.C.E Large cities such as Anyang begin appear around the river. 4500B.C.E Full civilization is established and life is in full swing. Bibliography
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