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Anne of Green Gables

No description

Linda Deng

on 26 August 2014

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Transcript of Anne of Green Gables

Main Characters
Anne Shirley
Anne of Green Gables
-Lucy Maud Montgomery
-13 years old orphan
-long,red and messy hair
-imaginative and knowledgeable
Marilla Cuthbert
-Anne's guardian
-an elderly woman with brown hair
-sophisticated and wise
Diana Berry
-Anne's best friend
-jet black hair
-brown eyes
-very nice
Gilbert Blythe
-teases Anne
Green Gables
Queen's Academy
-a young girl who lost her parents at an early age
-Cuthberts wanted to adopt a little boy
-There is a mistake and they end up with a girl named Anne
-thinks about giving her back but then decides that she doesn't want to
-cause troubles and tends to get into problems
-The story goes over the several years with Anne
-In the end, the mischievous little girl
a mature young lady

that brought much joy to Marilla
A lot of conflicts come from Gilbert.
He and Anne are always competing.
Gilbert apologized to Anne,
for a moment she hesitated.

I would recommend this book...

-the sister of Matthew
Thank u~
Who is the author of this novel?
-the balance between imagination and reality
What is the other theme you think that might be in this novel?
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