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Zuzanna Franczuk

No description

Katarzyna Frątczak

on 21 November 2014

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Transcript of Zuzanna Franczuk

Zuzanna Franczuk
Katarzyna Frątczak

The Most Common Application
Determining PMI – postmortem interval
Movement of the corpse
Cause of death
Ecological Roles of Insects in Decomposition



Estimating the PMI
based on development of insects

Comparisons of assemblages of insect fauna on corpse

Case Study
Establish PMI:
All larvae collected are
Lucilia sericata

The biggest and oldest are 3rd instar larvae
Average temp was 21° C
This species does not colonize bodies for 48 hours after death

21° C
Colonizing the body 48 hours after death

Total: 21 + 31 + 26 + 50 + 48 = 176 hours
176 hours/24 hours per day = 7.333…roughly 7 days PMI !

What is Forensic Entomology?
Medicolegal (criminal)
Urban (criminal and civil)
Stored product pests (civil) 

Medicolegal Forensic Entomology
Often focuses on violent crimes
Determination of the time (PMI) of human
death based on identification of arthropods collected from
or near corpses.
Cases involving possible sudden death
Traffic accidents with no immediately obvious cause

Maggots can be used to test a corpse for the presence of
poisons or drugs
. Some drugs can speed up or slow down the insect’s development.

Did you know...

The “Body Farm” in Knoxville, Tennessee is an university research facility to investigate human decomposition under various conditions in order to understand the factors which affect its rate.

Did you know...
Examples of Coleoptera (Beetles)

Examples of Diptera (Flies)

Thank You!
Creophilus maxillosus

Chrysomya rufifacies
Calliphora vicinia
Necrodes littoralis
Dermestes laniarius
Post-mortem interval

Amendt J, Richards CS, Campobasso CP, Zehner R, Hall MJ, 2011: Forensic entomology: applications and limitations, Forensic Sci Med Pathol. Dec;7(4):379-92. doi: 10.1007/s12024-010-9209-2
Campobasso CP, Introna F, 2001: The forensic entomologist in the context of the forensic pathologist's role, Forensic Sci Int. Aug 15;120(1-2):132-9
Matuszewski S, 2011: Estimating the pre-appearance interval from temperature in
Necrodes littoralis
L. (Coleoptera: Silphidae), Forensic Sci Int. 212 (2011) 180–188.
S. Matuszewski, Estimating the pre-appearance interval from temperature in
Creophilus maxillosus
L. (Coleoptera: Staphylinidae), J. Forensic Sci. 57 (2012) 136–145
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