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No description

mikey mata

on 15 May 2014

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Transcript of pewdiepie

pewdiepie also has a
girlfriend named marzia/cutiepie
(she's italian) if you want to learn
more go to youtube watch pewdiepie draw my life.
pewdiepie has a best friend he's in the game amnisea his name is stephano if you watch pewdiepie's video's you will know what i mean.
pewdiepie also has friday's with pewdiepie and pewd's does everything.At the end of every video he makes he gives you a brofist.
pewdiepie hates barrels!
by:a bro
pewdiepie is one of the best gamers on youtube
he plays pretty much scary games like slender, amnisea and more! pewdiepie's real name is felix which means happy in sweaden.pewdiepie has 800,000 subscribers on youtube.you should check him out on youtube.
that's stephano
for just some reason.Also there is the Bro its the monster in amnisea pewdiepie does not hate the Bro, he's part of the Bro family pewdiepie is king of the Bros.
slender man
The Bro
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