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Article 5 of the Constitution

No description

Sophie Lian

on 20 December 2013

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Transcript of Article 5 of the Constitution

What is Article 5 About?
Interesting facts:
In the history of the U.S Constitution, Congress has introduced over 5,000 amendments.
Current Event
Summary: In October 2013, the government shut down for 16 days because they couldn't get 2/3 of the Congress to agree on a bill to fund the government
1. Fill in the Blanks: In order to add an amendment, there are ___ steps. The amendment needs to be _______________, or introduced, and then _______________, or passed.
Article 5
How an Amendment is Added
Step 1: Propose an Amendment
How This Relates To Our Quote
The Constitution requires that the government needs a budget (Article 1, Section 9, Clause 7). The Congress needs to pass the budget by having majority vote.
By: Victoria Perematko,
Sophie Lian,
and Kendall Yu

"The Congress, whenever two
thirds of both Houses deem
it necessary, shall propose
amendments to this constitution."
Article 5 describes what must be done to amend, or change, the Constitution. (to add an amendment to the Constitution)
2/3 of both houses of Congress vote to propose an amendment.
(More Common)
2/3 of state legislatures ask for a convention to propose an amendment. The amendment is proposed at the national convention.
(Less Common)
Step 2: Ratify the Amendment
3/4 of state legislatures ratify the amendment.
(More Common)
3/4 of special state conventions ratify the amendment.
(Less Common)
What is an amendment?
"A minor change in a document"
2. What is an Amendment?
3. What percentage of the state legislature must approve an amendment in order for it to be passed (NOT introduced)?
A. 1/2
B. 2/3
C. 3/4
4. 4/5

4. What was our current event and how does it relate to our quote?
5. Fill in the Blanks: Article 5 describes what needs to be done in order to __________, or change, the ___________________.
Of these 5,000 introduced, 33 amendments were proposed.
Of these 33 proposed, only 27 were fortified.
Thanks for Watching!
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