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Water Privitization

Should water be Private of Public

seth mcclerklin

on 30 November 2012

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Transcript of Water Privitization

Water privatization is the is a short-hand for private sector participation in the provision of water services and sanitation, although sometimes it refers to privatization and sale of water resources themselves (see water trading). Water Privatization Private companies are often more efficient than governments due to free market to lower prices
Improved water quality, more choice, less red tape and quicker delivery
Privately-owned industries often have more incentive and expertise to ensure their businesses succeed.
Such factors allow private water companies to generate large profits and a high rate of return,allowing further investment.
Private companies also have a greater financial ability to finance the large investments and technical expertise needed to repair and improve the water systems and meet water quality standards Increase in price of water can be unaffordable for the poor.
Issue of Water mining.
Creation of Water Monopolies.
Water quality could be decreasing.
A lot of companies who are given sole rights to water end up dumping chemicals.
Potential export of a bulk of our water.
Well this effects people all over the world.
In some developing countries people were just able to get "free water".
With the age of water privatization a lot of them cant afford the price.
A global argument has been should water be owned?
Water is one of the few basic essential needs of life should it be owned by companies?
Positives for Water Privatization Negatives of Water Privatization How is this Global My personal reflection I personally agree with water being privatized to an extent.
I think that it should be managed by private companies not owned.
Also there should be help for developing countries who cant afford the price.
Even though water is essential to life private companies to me will do better in managing water.
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