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Coyote and Multnomah Falls

No description

haley price

on 7 February 2014

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Transcript of Coyote and Multnomah Falls

Coyote and Multnomah Falls
What is a myth?
Coyote and Multnomah Falls
The Story Behind the Myth
A myth is a belief by many people explaining an ancient story told by family and friends that has traditionally been set throughout different generations.
Coyote wants to win the heart of the chief's daughter.
He brings her different gifts, she is satisfied with none.
She tells him she wants a pool where she can bathe everyday privately.
After 7 suns he has done what she has asked.
They marry & she's happy until she realizes people near & far are laughing at her; she becomes humiliated & runs away downstream.
Coyote finds out & hurries after. When he catches up to her they turn into ducks & live happily ever after.
Is There a Moral?
Don't give up on what you want. If you really want something do anything within your power to get it.
Happiness always comes; nothing bad lasts forever.
Facts & Information:
The locations & places did actually exist; Multnomah Falls is an actual place people can visit today.
This story was passed down through Wascoh Indian tribe, located in Oregon.
The name coyote in Indian tribal terms means determined, and powerful.. the head of all creatures.
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